Good results - no further treatment back to routine smear

Hi there,

I was hoping to pick the amazing brains here. I got my results of Monday - viral changes only, no further treatment needed and back to 3 year routine screening.
I was so overjoyed to hear this. I had completely convinced myself of the worst. I got very anxious and worked up when I got the first letter (my very lovely gp gave me something to make the colposcopy easier as I said I wasn’t going to go). Then got an infection from the biopsies and then thrush from the antibiotics so with the worry pain and infection I’ve felt pretty rotten. I’d convinced myself of the worse as I get very heavy painful periods and for the previous few months pain in my lower back. Hence why I thought the worse.
The initial relief and joy has made room for wondering why back to 3 years?
Mild abnormalities and high risk HPV identified at smear and colposcopy but only viral changes on biopsies. From what I’ve read it’s usual to have a year follow up from this? I know I have had HPV for at least 5 years so not managed to clear in the usual time.
Does anyone know why back to 3 years rather than year?

Hi quiet one...something similar has happened to me! I've a history of CIN2 and lletz, I'm hpv positive and must have had it for at least 9 years, and as my colposcopy was clear i'm back to every 3 years! Seems wrong to me X 

Thanks Beeman, it's reassuring to know it's not just me! Perhaps it's because it takes so long for HPV to make the cellular changes?