Good Parenting

Hello! Im just a newbie...Just need some advice on how to deal with mood swings especially when rearing a kid. Im a single parent. Thanks in advance ^_^


I'm assuming it's you having the mood swings?!

I cried alot during and after my treatment. Everybody kept telling me eveything will be ok. I got sick of hearing it.

I got through it by taking one day at a time. I tried to do "normal" things.... like take my son to the cinema or bowling.

I found myself really tierd during and after my treatment. The tierdness alone makes anybody snappy.... never mind the pressure of cancer.

Im not gonna lie..... its hard. But you have to get through this for your child (ren). My son held my heart and my soul.... i needed to sort my head out for him.

When i got really angry i would leave the room. Take deep breaths... maybe have a lil cry. Then once i calmed down i would do back in. Apologise to who everys heads i ripped off. 

Its hard not to be emotional. You just have to find your own way of coping through it.

Good look

Joanna xx