Good news :-)

Hey guys, I just thought I’d share my news as thought it may help people in the same position :-). I had pains in my groin and legs in June/July and had been feeling very unwell. I had recently moved to Malta and wasn’t familiar with the healthcare system which proved to be not so great. I was sent to hospital by the gp, had an ECG and blood tests, all come back OK except I was a little dehydrated, so I was put on vitamins. In the following weeks the pain in my legs got so uncomfortable and I read an awareness post for cervical cancer on Facebook, I realised I had almost every symptom of cervical cancer, including bleeding after intercourse, and pain along with the pains in my groin and legs, I was devastated and 100% sure I had advanced CC because I stupidly Googled and found out leg pain was an advanced cc symptom. I had a smear test that week, which came back as severe dyskaryosis very quickly, this confirmed what I was thinking ( in my mind anyway). I was booked for a coloscopy and punch biopsys and a D&C but had to wait a few weeks here, in the mean time I wasn’t in the best way and was just constantly thinking the worse. I had it done under GA and received my results 4 weeks later, they confirmed CIN 3 and 2 and I was told they needed to do a cone biopsy to remove it all. I also had a 4d ultra sound internally which showed nothing of concern so I was starting to feel more positive after literally writing myself off. We paid to go private for the cone biopsy so I had it done just over a week later , it went well, but I was getting sick and losing alot of blood after so they kept me in. Much better the next day and sent home. Results came back in 10days!!! And no cancer , just CIN 3 with clear margins. The reason iv babbeled on for so long is I just want to share my positive outcome after such awful symtoms. Your symptoms could be a hundred different things, and I’m yet to still find out what my leg pain is due from. Be positive keep smiling, I feel blessed it was nothing serious and would like to wish all you amazing ladies the best of luck with all your results too and also thank you all so much for helping me through such a hard time, I can’t tell you how much Jo’s trust has helped me.
Take care, sending you all lots of love xxxx

So pleased you got a good outcome.  It is very good to hear about a happy ending so thank you for sharing x

Great post! I remember reading your original post, and am really glad you came back to tell everyone your great news. I think a lot of ladies who have positive early outcomes forget to come back and remind us that for the majority of ladies it all works out just fine! You must be so relieved x x

I got good news today as well and wanted like you to post some hope to show a positive outcome. So so pleased for you. XX

So glad to hear both of your positive news. Onwards and upwards ladies! Thanks for sharing xxx


I also got good news today, keep positive ladies. You are all amazing sharing your intimate stories and it made my journey a little bit easier knowing and reading with you. Wish all of you well xxx