good news

I had a colposcopy 13th October. Waiting was an anxious horrid time. Decided this morn to brave the doctors to find out more about my original smear so I was more prepared when I got my results. When I saw the doctor he had my result letter on the computer! Said I had pre cancerous cells nothing more. Would have to have a colposcopy in 6 months due to them being in rare glandular type cgin. Felt such relief! Just wanted people to know it can be ok. To give some hope.

2005 colposcopy
2006-2012 yearly smears clear
2015 colposcopy, loop biopsy
All ok follow up colposcopy in 6 months due to rare glandular type cells

Thank you for updating and giving us anxious waiters hope :) so pleased you got good news x

Great news! Such a scary time waiting and not knowing x x

Great news sthorne :-) xxx

Thanks everyone. I hope all ok for you all. Definitely going to donate to this trust. Feel it close to my heart now as I've been part of the scary journey you go through. Won't forget X