Good news...

3 weeks ago I want for a smear after a reminder letter. I hadn't been for a smear for 10 years, stupid I know, but I had been living abroad and busy having children. I was totally naive and really uneducated about what smears are all about. My last smear was normal and I was 25. 

I went for my smear test and honestly it didn't even cross my mind it wouldn't be normal, ow wrong I was! I hadn't had any discharge, bleeding or pains and figured I had two children (one of which is only 8 months) I thought I would be fine. How wrong I was. 4 days later I got an email to say I urgently had to attend a hospital visit. I called and appointment was made for the Thursday. I had double Lletz loop treatment and Ring biopsy. Whilst there the consultant was very concerned and booked me in for an 'urgent' ultrasound. It was all happening so quickly. The words urgent were being thrown around constantly. . The ultrasound was clear apart from perhaps poly cystic ovaries.  I read that you could still have cc and clear ultrasounds so still laid awake at night. Thinking the worst. I should say at this point I knew I had CGin and Cin3. 

Anyway today was 2 weeks after the Lletz treatment and I called the consultants secretary who was wonderful and said oh I have seen your results. I just need to speak to the consultant. Honestly that was the longest 2 minutes of my life, I was prepared to hear the words, you have cc or come and see the consultant. Amazingly, she told me that no cc had been detected, no malignancy and nothing scary to worry about. I have never been do relieved in all my life. I feel for everyone waiting for your results. I know how hard it is but I know how wonderful the ladies are on here and we'll all help each other get through this. 

I am rooting for everyone out there going through whI've have. I apologise for the in depth story but the details were what I wanted to know. I know I am lucky for now, had I stayed abroad another year the story could have been so different. Now to start the first day of the rest of my life. good luck and fingers crossed for a positive result xxxxxxx

That's great news Helen00, really happy for you. It really can be a worrying time and I'm glad after all you went through that it came out well in the end. xx