Good News !

Hi girlies

I saw my consultant yesterday, and he confirmed that everything is 'fantastic' and that I have healed well - and as far as he is concerned the cancer is gone...... Woo hoolies ...... I am now on 3 monthly checks, and also having an MRI prior to my next appt.  Obviously this could show something, but after my internals yesterday my doc was more than happy..... So I am too !!!

I would like to thank all of you that have supported me over the last few months, coz without you - I would have gone insane !! You have all been angels & I will never be able to thank you enough... My family and friends have been great, but only you wonderful ladies truly know how I was feeling & what I was going though......

much love to you all

sam xxxxxxxx

Oh wow! That’s amazing news! Well done you :slight_smile: xxx

Yay! Big congrats to you xxxx

Amazing news so pleased for you it's so nice to see good news as gives hope to all going through it xxxx

Fantastic news Sam! Kiss I'm so pleased for you xx


Sue x

That’s great news Sam!! :slight_smile: welcome to the other side! Well done you :slight_smile: xx

another good news post :D so happy for you xxx

Aww Sam thats such fantastic encouraging for other ladies to see another positve outcome which proves again how effective the treatment is! So lovely to get updates like this.  Enjoy the moment and keep in touch xxxxx

Glad to hear that things have gone well for you Sam. Hope you continue to go from strength to strength. x

hi there our are you i finished all my treatment had an internal and consultant said all gone to waiting my appoinment in three months when i get a scanxx

Bloody fantastic. You go girl!!!!!!!

Well done Sam! On completing your treatment and your results!

Is such a great feeling to know its gone :)