Good news

Hi ladies,

I’ve been experiencing lower back pain (same place as my recurrence), numb feelings in the bum and a general weird feeling like something was pressing on my nerves. Obviously I was very worried and I had an MRI scan last week. My oncologist rang to say the scan showed NO CANCER which is just amazing!! I am so happy.

I wanted to write on here as it’s too easy not to when it’s good news. Hopefully this will be some comfort for someone. I know Phileepa’s post helped me the other day.

Lots of love,

Cara xxxxx

Wonderful news Cara, so pleased for you xx

Hi Cara 

wonderful news!!! Now you can take a deep sigh and celebrate!!!


fabulous news really pleased it wasn't anything sinister :)) xx


great news Cara such a relief for you 

it seems a few are suffering from the same pains it has definitely got to be a side effect from the treatment I've suffered with the hips and leg pains from finishing the treatment in 2015 I still have it now but not as bad even after having the chemo mix it doesn't bother me to much I think the walking and swimming helps I've got to the stage now where I don't need the pain killers 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Michelle,

I guess treatment can be harder on us afterwards than we expect it to be. Swimming is a good idea...think I will take it up to see if it helps!

Love Cara xx

Hi Cara Good news is always welcome but wouldn't it be lovely if we didn't give our aches and pains a second thought? Just bury all are worries and be free again. We'll get there in the end. Xx

Oh Jayne, it would be lovely.

Don't we all take that free feeling for granted before diagnosis. I know I did.

Here's to NED for us all for many years to come xxx

So pleased that my post helped.  I think it's important that we share good news x x

Glad you had good news to share too x x

I've been doing pilates,  I thought strengthening my core might be a good idea x