Good News

hi everyone finished my chemoradiation end of August '16 got the all clear today so happy I cant believe it, having a scan in June to check my lungs as there was a question about a couple of nodules on them but my consultant believes them to be non - cancer related … then another scan in December. As I am unable to take any hormones I cant take HRT I was having very bad side effects so was perscribed venafaxine last month which is an anti depressant which is known to help hot flushes it has helped me majorly so starting to feel back to normal in the last couple of weeks…


great news on the all clear  

celebrations tonight I think 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Lovely news x 

This is wonderful news!!!!  :)


Hot flushes here are now in their sixth year and mostly I hardly even notice :-) I suspect they are getting weaker :-)

Be lucky :-)

Yay for your news Siom! Happy to hear this. Hope you are doing well. 

all my love and wishes  


Rosie xx