Good News Update

Had the call from my Macmillan nurse yesterday. All biopsies from vagina VAIN 3, vulval and anal biopsies clear. NO CANCER FOUND.

Will see me again in 3months and give me a vault smear in 6.

Time to get on with living again!


Hi 365days

Yayyyy!!!! That's brilliant news, I am so so pleased for you. 



Cheryl's reply made me laugh because I had just said 'yayyy! ' as I read your post!

thats brilliant news, I'm so pleased because you have really been through the mill. Onwards and upwards now.

big hugs, Molly xxxx

Fabulous news! Yayyyy!! 

Thanks for the update- I'm always looking out to see how people are getting on, even if I do not post anything new.

go celebrate!

dons xxx


So happy for you.What a releif for you.

All the best

Becky x

Great news xx

Hurrah! Congratulations!




great news

loving your blog also


Thats brilliant news - you must be so relieved! 

Best Wishes


FANTASTIC NEWS!!! like you said go ahead and start living again... So so so pleased for you!! Xx

So happy for you, just found your blog this morning, really enjoyed reading it x

Brilliant news xx