Good news today

Received a call from my consultant earlier. Test on my lymph nodes and other same are clear,  so no further treatment needed. I've been so nervous about it, so this is such a relief! I've got to go see him in about 3 months, then decide if I continue follow up with him (major hospital) or at my local district hospital. Happy news to take off on my hols on Friday :D

Fantastic news :)!!! Happy holidays hon xxx

Best news ever enjoy holiday Hun xxxx

Thanks ladies. Just seen all the typos in my post, excitement must have got to me haha

wonderful news!  HAve an amazing holiday celebrating!

That's fantastic news. Have an amazing holiday and celebrate in style.


Brilliant news :) 


Fantastic news x

Brilliant news have a cracking hol and spoil urself rotten



Great news x

Go and have the best holiday ever!

Be lucky :-)

Late to the party but brilliant news! Hurrah :-)