Good news story

Well ladies, it's been a rolledcoaster ride but thought would share my story with you.

So I had an abnormal smear end of august. It said high grade changes. My smears had gone, borderline, normal, borderline, normal.. So going from normal to severe freaked me right out.I went for the colposcopy mid sept and the nurse said it looked like cin3, perhaps with microevasion. I was in bits. She took biopsies and these took only 4 days to come back which again made me feel awful, I was sure it was cc because she had told me it would take 6 weeks to come back, so 4 days made me panic. I had to have another colpscopy to see the consultant. I was supposed to have lletz after the biopsy confirmed cin3 query cc. However,my cervix wouldn't play ball and kept trying to hid, so they decided to re book and have me in for ga to do the lletz. 

The consultant came to talk to me before the op and said ' good news its not cc, just cin3, I checked the biopsy again' relief was not the word. I went down to theatre with a smile on my face thinking I was outta the woods. After the op the consultant came back and said ' mmm could still be cc, sorry,didn't realise what we were really dealing with until managed to get your cervix clamped so we could see exactly what was going on'..... That bit felt like someone had punched me. To think it was all going to be OK and then smack,not so fast.

And so the wait was on for the results. The waiting is the worst bit. I kept praying please have the margins. All I want is to have a baby please don't take that away from my husband and I. Then the phone call today. I took a big deep breath in..... Cin1...... Cin1...... I asked her to check... Then check again... The relief. The utter relief.. I was sure it was gonna be cc, after everything they had said...

So ladies, I'm having a very large glass of wine, and raising it to you. thank you for all your support, you have been amazing. Much love to you all. I'm defo gonna be keeping around, hoping to do some fundraising soon for jos! Xxxxxxxxxx

Hi nia42

What a fantastic result, I am so so pleased for you. Its great that you have posted your story here as it will give comfort and hope to others in a similar situation.

Wishing you love & luck for the future.



That's wonderful Nia :-)

So good to be able to breathe normally again isn't it.

Thank you so much for posting a good news story, I'm sure if we had more of these we'd have fewer 'scared out of my wits' stories.

You enjoy that wine m'dear!

Go well