Good news! Positive story

Hello all!

I wanted to post my story as this forum has helped me so much over the past year or so. I was hpv positive for almost 6 years, since July 2018 (I think) and had a LLETZ in Dec 2022. My test of cure in Aug 2023 came back with hpv positive still, and some minor abnormal changes.

I turned 35 this year and as you can imagine, I was getting very stressed about never getting rid of it, especially after the LLETZ. I decided to scrap the ‘wait and see’ approach in October 2023, and started a healthy regimen and took the below for 6 months:

  • Gardasil (got both doses)
  • AHCC 3g (Kinoko Platinum) - this is meant to be the most well researched. Expensive but so worth it
  • Papilocare
  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Zinc
  • Vit D3
  • Vit K2
  • Folate
  • Turkey Tail
  • Reishi Mushrooms
  • Matcha tea (2 cups every day)
  • Lots of green leafy veg such as broccoli and spinach
  • I also started intermittent fasting every day to try to kick off autophagy (where the body gets rid of dead or bad cells)

I’m not sure which one specifically got rid of it and it was a very expensive regimen, but it was so worth it in the end. Give yourself all the chances and pump up the vitamins.

My advice is DO NOT DESPAIR. Keep at it, you can get rid of it but give your immune system all the help it can get!

Best of luck everyone still battling with it!


Did you eat any bad food that’s my struggle but I’m taking supplements

Depends what you mean by bad. I think I am generally healthy, although I do like eating out and have ‘naughty’ food too. I tend to eat out a couple times a week on the weekend (i love fried chicken and stuff like that, although I tend to avoid the fast food chains. I prefer ‘naughty’ food in restaurants as I think it tastes better and the ingredients are better quality), but cook most of the week and pack my own lunch. So whenever I’d cook at home, I’d add much more greens than I was used to before.

I spoke to some friends who had it also and went nuclear (cut out all gluten, meat, alcohol, etc) but I couldn’t do that as I like food too much. I wanted this regimen to be sustainable (so that I would know that I could continue that diet if and when I got rid of the hpv) so instead of massively cutting out, I added lots of fruits and veg to the food I liked eating anyway. Being more conscious of the amount of fruits and veg I was consuming helped - I thought I was generally healthy before but I think I just wasn’t consuming enough fruits and veg.

Can I ask what did you do about the sex life in terms to clear the virus?
I mean if you have a partner did you carry on sex life as usual or you had to use condoms or to abstain?

Condoms! And I met someone last year and I could tell it was likely to get more serious so I spoke to him early on about it and he got a vaccine as well to be safe

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