Good News- My story

Hi All,

 Today I went for my scan results and got the NED. Which I am just overjoyed with.

I am so thankful to everyone on this forum who supported me through out my diangoisis and treatment journey

and for those about to start there journey I want to tell my story as it may help.


Back in Dec 2016 I was diagonised with cc 2b/3. My tumour was 7.5cm and in 4 lymh node and it was clear cell which is a really rare form of cc.


When I was diagoinised I refused to let it upset me or take over my life. Everyone reacts to if differntly but when I was diagoinised I felt very lucky which may sound strange. I felt lucky that I had been given something and there could be something done to fix it so thats all that mattered to me. Even though at just 24 I was going to put into menopause and not be able have biological kids I still felt luck was on my side.


I was able to work through out my diagnonis I work as a sales manager so I would drive up to 1500km a week. I would get up every morining pop in for my radation and then get into my car and go to work. Yes around week 3/4 my bowel started acting up and i did have a few accidents but in the grand scheme of what was going on this is only a small thing. I know every one isnt as lucky as me to have no fatigue but I just want to share that it can be done.


After my treatment I continued to bleed heavy after sex which convinced me that it wasn't gone but it ended up just being scar tissue so for those ladies who this happens to don't worry.


Everyone who is on this forum is amazing and such a strong unit. For those going through treatment keep going you can do it, and for those who are finised treatment I hope good new comes your way.


Laura xx


This is wonderful news, I'm so happy for you. Also my cc is the same stage as yours and my tumour in 7cm but squomous cells. I to have node involvement.  Half way through chemo and radiotherapy Then got to have internal radiotherapy.  U have really made me believe this can be cured.  

Thankyou very much

Hi laura,

That is great news. I am so happy for. :-)

God bless 

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node involved, 5 chemo and 25 radiation 

Great news  im so happy for u  xx

Thank you so much for posting this, Laura. I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago and have yet to meet with an oncologist or anyone who can tell me what is actually happening to me. I have a copy of my initial MRI report, which is all I have to go on, and from my uneducated interpretation, it seems like my circumstance may be close to yours. While I have been imagining the worst, yours is just another story that gives me some hope. 


Congratulations on your good news, and thanks again for sharing. 

Amazing lady

Fantastic news 

and great post although everyone is different you have done amazing through the treatment 

good positivity is whats needed and you have bucket loads 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Great news! Happy dance! i am encouraged by how strong you are! Was the radiation painful?

How was the chemo? Which regimen you used? 

Best wishes


Hi Susan,

you don't feel radation at all. Of course everyone's body reacts to treatment differently but I cut out all fibre from week one and just ate very bland food which stopped my bowel really acting up till week 4.

I was on cistaplatin which what the majority of people get as it helps the radation work better and I had very little side effects from it. If youve any more questions don't hesitate to private mail me.

best of luck :-)

Fantastic result....congratulations on your recovery and thanks for sharing your good news xxx