good news - i think! plus a thank you

Hi Ladies

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to posts and private messages over the last 6 weeks.  I quite simply could not have coped without this forum and the kind words of all of you.

i have been to see the Consultant today and although he has told me I have stage 1a2 adenocarcinoma, he has told me it was completely removed at the original LLETZ procedure.  He has said he will now take it to the larger MDT meeting to discuss treatment but he seems to think they will suggest another LLETZ and then thats it.  He said there was no sign of LVSI which Im presuming means lymph nodes but forgot to clarify

I have told him I would like to be considered for a hysterectomy as my family is complete and due to high grade CGIN would make me less nervous.  Has anyone had a hysterectomy without taking lymph nodes due to no LVSI being present?

I realise I have been extremely lucky and I will now ensure the power of smear tests is known within my circle of friemds and relatives.  It has literally saved my life!!

I still dont know if I should be quite so cheery and potentially have a major operation ahead of me but for now I will try and forget this all - well maybe just for tonight.

I hope all you amazing ladies continue the fight, some of the stories have been truly inspiring.  Once again thank you so very much, you have all given me hope when I was truly convinced there was none.  I will continue to support the site and maybe one day I can help someone like you have helped me


Anne xx


Congratulations :-)

I would add that a hysterectomy is a very invasive operation and if not essential then take the doctor's advice as they tend not to be cavalier about such things.

Be lucky


Hi Anne,

great news! It does seem strange to be saying that about a cancer diagnosis, but it is good news, and when you're on this awful roller coaster it's such a relief to hear stage 1. MDT might suggest a hysterectomy,but if they don't then it'll be because you don't need it! So don't worry.

love, Molly xx

Hi Anne

What brilliant news!  So, so pleased for you.  I would be very much guided by the advice of the MDT - if they don't advise a hystercetomy then I wouldnt go for one but can fully understand that you feel this would make you less nervous.  Perhaps when all this has sunk in you may feel a bit different.

If you do end up going for the hystercetomy please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll pass on all the hints and tips that helped me at the time.