Good news (colposcopy)

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent a great deal of time lurking on this forum over the past few years, so I thought I’d share my story with cervical dysplasia. I have a lot of anxiety (see username), so I’m sharing in case this helps someone else.

Summer ‘20 - first Pap smear at age 25. Diagnosed LSIL. Basically had an emotional breakdown, didn’t want to come in for colposcopy due to history w trauma and fear of getting biopsies taken.

Summer ‘21 - second Pap smear. Same result as the first one—LSIL.

Winter ‘22 - finally worked up the courage and got a colposcopy. I was extremely panicked and felt like I was going to pass out, but the doctor and nurses were so supportive. I listened to music on my phone during the biopsy part. The doctor saw one area of cervical dysplasia on my cervix and took a biopsy. Weirdly, once I knew I had LSIL, I suspected that there would be dysplasia specifically in that spot. Getting the biopsy felt similar to getting an itchy mosquito bite cut off, but on my cervix. The internal biopsy was actually more uncomfortable because I could feel the cramping. Honestly my panic was the worst part of it all. I was so happy when it was over.

The results: the punch biopsy was CIN1 and the internal biopsy was negative! I just have to come back in a year for another Pap smear.

The verdict: be proactive about your health and follow through with getting biopsies if needed. I am not trying to shame anyone reading this, but the doctor and nurses were clear that 99% of cervical cancer cases they see are in women who haven’t had a Pap smear in 10+ years or who haven’t followed through with colposcopies, LEEPs, etc.

The risk of cancer is too great and it’s better to deal with this when it’s a “small” inconvenience than later when it could potentially turn into something deadly.


I forgot to mention that I also have high-risk HPV along with CIN1. Both of my Pap smears were positive for that.