Good news but I'm scared by op

Hi ladies,

I met with my doctor today and the news was great and not so so great …only not as I’m a chicken.

I have a one way ticket for a total hysterectomy in 2 weeks time, 1st of Dec.

She explained, tumor markers all clear, scans all clear but highest stage of pre cancer cells and there is some question mark about my ovaries… I asked has she seen this before and she said well you are unusual as the cells are not on the surface but in the gland tissue and this same tissue is in the ovaries. She recommends a total abdominal hysterectomy as the risk is to high not to do it. So I am really happy but not. I’m so grateful that I have caught it early and so treatable. I just very much fear the operation itself and the length of recovery… And the lack of sick leave to have the time off work…6 weeks! Hopefully my boss will be understanding.

She said they will take a sample of fatty tissue as well to test plus wash my insides with a special water and have that tested too. Tivoli I must go and read your story again as I think you described this happening to you.

Is there anything I should be doing to get myself ready, physically for this, any tips would be great. And how have ladies out there found the hormone pills afterwards?

Hi Sarah :-)

Sounds like you are having the exact same op as me :-) The sample of fatty tissue I have since discovered is where they find lymph nodes to test. I hope your boss will be understanding too! It'd have to be an unspeakably nasty boss not to be flexible in your circumstances.

I don't know about preparing for the operation, though I guess that eating healthily wouldn't be a bad thing to do :-) Neither would getting a sensible amount of exercise just so you are at the peak of physical health when you go in. There will be plenty of slouching around afterwards I promise :-)

You will probably find nighties more appropriate than pyjamas, you'll want loose and comfortable clothing following surgery, and lots of people swear by peppermint tea to ease the dreadful wind caused by this particular operation. I won't deny it, it's a big operation and you will be sore for a short while afterwards, but it does ease quite quickly.

Be lucky :-)

:) Thank you for that, nighties and peppermint tea is now on my shopping list!!! 

Oh intestering re the lymph nodes and the fatty tissue. The same op as you too :)

Damn spooky bussiness this and reading about all the risks but you made it to the other side and have so many other ladies. So I can do this too.

Thanks again :)


Hi Sarah

Glad that you have an Op date. Like Tivoli says, it is a big op and, as long as you take it easy afterwards, you WILL recover and you WILL move on from this!

Definitely put peppermint tea on your list!! I think the wind pain was the worst bit about the whole thing!! I was drinking the tea plus taking "Windeze" tablets to try and ease it. Other than that, I really looked after myself with the support of my great family and here I am almost 5 weeks later feeling good!

Good luck xxx


Thanks Kelly :) :)

I'm really scared about this op but it so helps a lot to come hear and read everyones posts and stories and words of support like yours.


Peppermint tea is number one on my list now :)

Thank you xo


Hi ☺ I was diagnosed with the dreaded 'C' recently and also have my surgery on Tuesday 1st Dec. Radical hysterectomy, removal of lymph nodes and the top of my vagina ( hate that word) I'm just getting myself so worked up about being away from my young children, the nerves have really kicked in today. Sending lots of positive vibes for your surgery x

Hi Gemz wishing you all the very best and a good recovery for the both of us. I'm just off to bed then up early and off to the hospital for the big event. My nerves too have been going crazy today...up and down. I hope your more settled than I. Tomorrow I will think of you and me and hoping we are both doing well :) p.s I have that word too.

Best of luck to you Gemz, we can do this!!!!

Hiya :-)

Hoping that by the time you read this you are feeling a bit better than you were immediately post-theatre. It's a big one and you are now out the other side :-)

Lots of love

Hi Tivoli, 

It's 3am...and I am feeling  much better than i did straight after the op, thankyou :). Man, that wasn't very nice but im past that part now.phew :)

Gosh they wont let me eat until I've past gas and I was so so hungry before!! But not now.  Maybe thats a good thing as im  having  some reflux happening and a bit uncomfortable. But apart from. That in doing good.

Gemz I hope your doing well!!! :) xo

Hope both your surgeries went well ladies. Make the most of the drugs!!

Hi Sarah :-)

I'm not sure if this happens in all hysterectomies or just those where the entire intestine is rinsed, but what happens is that the peristalsis stops. That is the action of the intestinal muscles that push the contents of the intestines along the route beyond your stomach. Passing gas is an indication that it has started again. If you eat before it's working again it is very uncomfortable indeed. In my ward we celebrated farts with a huge round of applause :-D Here's hoping yours kicks back in soon.

Be lucky :-)

Hi there :)

Gosh im now in week 2 post op!! So happy im through the worst of it!!! The pain was hard at times. Thank you for everyones support. I can fart now hahaha and everything else is working but still have some discomfort with it but hoping that will go away soon.

The scar site is ugly and hard to my touch and tight...cant wait for that to settle down and the swelling to go but the bigger picture thats not what I should be worrying about but would love to know if any one has any tips or ideas for helping scar tissue and if to use a cream or not? 

I have not been online for ages so I am hoping everyone is doing well. I pretty much have been sleeping. watching movies and going a ibt nuts haha

Lots of luck amd Joy to everyone

Hi Sarah!

Lovely to hear from you! I was wondering about you only yesterday! Well done for farting! It took me almost two weeks and my arms were so sore from the drip after all that time. I take it you have a vertical scar? In time it will pale from angry purple to closer to skin-tone but it's not going to behave like the rest of your abdomen. For me that was possibly the most difficult thing to come to terms with, it looks like an arse but it saved my life so it's a helpful arse.



Hi Tivoli :) :D

Your just so lovely , you know!!

Oh my gosh I cant believe you had to handle that for 2 weeks! Not farting is really hell and I had a build up of it apparently in my shouders which caused extra pain to cope with at the time, so Tivoli your really a star for going through all that you went through and your so great as you come here with such wise words and encourgement for us all. If I was closer to you I would love to send you a bunch of flowers or something to acknowledge you. I have read your other post to other ladies and they are so helpful- and also to all the other great posts from other kind ladies out there, you are all great to come here and share and support.

I came out with a horiziontal scar so after hearing your discription I have been fortunate as I too would find that hard to come to terms with but yes it saved your life :D! and Yes its a very helpful arse indeed!!! But neather the less still hard to come to terms with.

All I have read and heard is how a common an op this is but Boys its not easy and some people seem to breeze through it. At times I've pinched myself. As It's made me think back over the years, like to the 50's the 40's etc and into the dark ages and I think, god how lucky we are to be living now! 

My tummy is still swollen and it feels like a piece of rope is in the inside of it and there are these ugly flaps/folds of skin on the seam line and discolored-

Which brings me too....Ive been a bit of a dick really, to be honest...I was quite blue yesterday and confession time lol... the bandage came off on Monday and I had not showered over the weekend!! ( I'm normally a shower a day girl truly!!) So after the bandage came off I then couldnt bring myself to shower as my bathroom is covered in a bloody big mirror that I could not hide from!  However I couldnt handle just how yucky I felt any longer and - shame on me- stinky, so I showered, hallelujah I did!!!!!!!!

Its been funny in a way though- of all the times over the past 2 weeks just when you least want to vomit, hiccup, cough or god forbid sneeze I've had bouts of them all!! Even gutt renching crying- my daughter shocked me with some NOT so great news at the time and with everything else going on I spun out and caused myself a bit of extra pain/damage to healing from having a big belly cry, just when I least needed it but it couldn't be helped at the time. ( Thankfully that issue/drama is now resolved big sigh of relief for that, trust me )

Showering yesterday was hard ish as when my arms were up washing my hair, my stomach was all tight and I felt more discomfort which made me hate everything even more and made me even more blue in mood. In some ways its been a bit of a comedey though. For exsample, when it was time to get in the car to go home from the hospital my daughter thought she would be helpful and adjust the seat - I had only just lowered into the seat and she reached down, without me seeing and pulled the seat handle- thinking it would be helpful for me. It went shooting back in a sudden rushing jerk and I went flying into akwardness and a pang of pain hahahahaha it was funny and painful all at the same time :)

Then a few days after being at home the nurse came to change the dressing. I peeked down to have a look at it and to my horror I said OMG is that pubic hairs growing out of the incision line!! She said yes thats perfectly fine, but in my mind it was oh lordy!! and then "Oh Lordy" what if hairs are now possibly growing internally and I will have ingrown hairs stuck in there!!! Plus What The Hell?- I dont remember my pubic hairline being that far up my tummy!!!! Hahaha :) guess it might be the swelling or I was delusional.

Today my spirits are more upbeat and it feels really good to type all this out and go blaaaah and have a mini rant/release and i got to remember people go through so much more than this

Wishing all the very best outcomes and happiness



I can really relate to so much of this Sarah. It is scary having the first shower and I really don't envy you that jolt in the car seat - I would have gone bonkers! I am so happy for you that you got away with a horizontal scar - that'll mean you can still wear a bikini to the beach without frightening small children ;-) Really pleased to know you are feeling more cheerful, and no need for flowers, I live in the most beautiful countryside with the prettiest view in the world (sorry)

Lots of love

Thanks Tivoli :D so glad you live in such a lovely place xxx