Good news but confused

Smear in
2020 showed positive for HPV.
2021 positive for HPV & borderline changes-went for colposcopy but no treatment needed.
2022 positive for HPV & high grade dyskaryosis (severe) so back to colposcopy where I had a LLET & biopsy. 3 weeks later had a call asking me to attend in 2 days for results with oncologist.
Today I was told that I had cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) but the good news was that the LLET had got it all. Treatment would be another LLET & yearly smears for the next 10 years.
I didn’t ask many questions as I was shocked/relieved and not to sure what to think or do.
I now have so many questions but have to wait 5 days (Christmas bank holiday) before I can ask & to be honest I have no idea where to go to ask.
I have no idea what stage/ grade or if it even had one. I don’t know why they would do another LLET if my margins were clear. Why I would only be seen for a follow up smear in 12 months when I have read that people are called back after 6 months & why I’ve not been sent for scans/bloods to see if it has spread.
I am so sorry as I feel so silly being so worried when the outcome could have been so much worse and know you lovely ladies are going through so much more. I just don’t know where to turn & my anxiety is wearing me down. I had a breakdown last year & have been doing so much better, I’m just concerned that this is going to put me back.

Hi Dolly,

Did you get the answers to your questions?

I had my LLETZ just before Christmas and received my diagnosis a few weeks ago. It was a huge shock as my smears have always been clear, this one was late because of covid and then moving house. High risk hpv and moderate changes, due to have a radical hysterectomy. I still feel like I don’t have much information

Hi alwaystheweekend,

Thank you for the reply, I got some answers but still feel that some have been left unanswered. I was staged at 1a1 & I am due to have my second LLETZ next week so I am hoping this one is also clear & that I get an answer that I don’t have to wait 12 months for another smear.
I was told that if you are staged at 1a1 you don’t get offered any scans yet I have read from other they were. I can only trust that know what they are doing & offering the best treatment.
I’m sorry to read you are having to have a hysterectomy, do you mind me asking did they offer a second LLETZ?

Will keep everything crossed for you everything comes back clear!

I was initially staged at 1B1, not offered a second LLETZ, but I wonder if that’s because I’d already confirmed I’d completed my family or the staging. Unfortunately my surgery has just been put back by 2 weeks so now I’m really anxious it’s being left