good news again

Hi there
Had my 2nd post treatment check today and everything is still all good:). I am being referred for a hip X-ray as one side has limited movement and gives me grief. I am a happy bunny today tho

Tracey x

That is great news. :-)

Im so happy  for u hope they  sort your hip out

Well look at you being all healthy and good to go! Congrats on another good screen. Phew! Weight off your mind.

Hope your hip gets sorted out quickly.

love t xx

Good news xx 

Hi tracey

this is awesome! Hopefully you can get some answers to your hip issue! 


Thankyou ladies. When's your next check lolli? X


Great news, always nice to hear good things 

Great news long may it continue :-) 

I'm sure the hip probs will get sorted 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle x 

Hi, I go on apr 13 for my next scan but have to wait until May 5 for the results. I wish they would give me appointment sooner to get my results but apparently they think it's ok to leave someone in limbo waiting.  Lol. :/

That happened with my first scan, had the start of Dec and had to wait till 2nd week of january. i wonder if they realise the torture that puts us through eh?x

fab news :) xx

Happy bunnies are delightful.

So nice to hear x 

YAY! So good to hear. Hugs xx