Good news after hysterectomy


Hi all,

I'm 6 days after my hysterectomy, still sore, but getting better every day, and just had a call from my surgeon today to say that all the cancer and pre cancer was removed, and there was no evidence of lymph spread in the nodes that they took, so I don't need radiation. So once I'm recovered, this is over! I'm so relieved! 

Hi Stormchaser,

That is grest news. :-)

God bless

Wow! Well done Hun! Glad you got your results so quickly. I'm having to wait 3 weeks for mine! I don't see my consultant until 21st. I'm hoping I will be like you and won't need any further treatment Xxx glad to hear your recovery is going well. 

So happy 4 u xx

Thanks ladies, I'm sure there are more challenges ahead of me, but its nice to finally get a piece of good news!

Well done that is great news! x