going stir crazy!!!!!

hi I'm new here I had my smear and came back borderline with hpv had colposcopy on 2nd Sept with 3 punch biopsies taken phone my consultants secretary last Monday my results were back and on the consultants desk he will phone or write to you! Monday this week no news still rang secretary AGAIN in sorry hes been busy with clinic and surgery and hasnt had chance to look at your results they are still on his desk!!! So angry at this point as its been over a week since my results have been back...i rang me gp today to see if she can chase them in awaiting a call from gp if no news by Thursday to say the least I'm not happy at all anyone have any suggestions what else I can do????? Tia Kelly xxxxx


sorry to hear of your wait, waiting for results is the hardest thing! However, I think the general consensus is that no news is good news, so try not to worry.(easier said than done, I know!)

do keep ringing though, I did! ;-)

Molly x