Going out of my mind...Lletz under GA not LA?

Hi ladies,

I’ve been going out of my mind over the weekend & calling the consultants secretary has only led to more worry & nothing actually being cleared up or explained.

I went for my first smear (25 years old) which came back as low grade dyskariosis but found HPV so was referred to a consultant.

I had a colposcopy on 26th July which seemed to go well…biopsies were taken & the consultant said she thought it was CIN1 or 2 which may not need treatment. I went away feeling relieved & my mind put at ease.

That was until Friday (5th July) when I got 3 consecutive letters through. First was telling me that my biopsy had come back as CIN3, the other 2 were pre op appointments (this Friday 12th July) & a Lletz procedure under GA on 25th July.

My main panic is why it is under general not local anaesthetic - everywhere I’ve read says that it’s usual to have it under local. I’ve never been under general & to be honest am more anxious about that than the actual procedure.

I’m also concerned about how quickly this has all come about considering how slow the NHS normally is - even when I called this morning to try to get some answers, the consultant (who’s away until Wednesday so yet more days of no sleeping/eating & feeling like a complete mess) secretary said ‘oh, that soon?!’.

I have two beautiful children who I had extremely quickly (45 minutes from first sign & second 6 minutes!) & am now wondering if perhaps this could be why they came so quickly. As it was my first smear due to age, I could have had this for a considerably long amount of time & perhaps my cervix dilates so quickly because it’s weak. Am I overthinking this?

We were planning to go on holiday on 10th September which is only 2.5 weeks after the Lletz. I’ve read that you can’t swim for 4 weeks…I’m wondering if I should cancel this? If it was more ‘routine’ (under LA not GA - the main reason it seems so much more serious) then I’d probably have pushed the Lletz back but I’m now thinking that would be hugely irresponsible.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated. I am literally going slowly insane thinking the worst. I can’t stop overthinking everything & am convinced it’s going to turn out to be cancer.

Charlotte x


I had my Lletz under GA, and then my cone under GA. some places feel this is just better and more comfy for the patient.

I wouldn't cancel it to be honest and like you I had a holiday booked 3 days AFTER my first Lletz, I couldn't swim but certainly went on my holiday.

Im nearly 2 weeks post my cone biopsy and I'm due to go on holiday again at the end of the month, I'll defo be swimming for that one!!

I think you are overthinking things, How quick your babies came has nothing to do with this so don't worry about that! Let them do the Lletz. The NHS has a 2 week pathway for things like this so it is completely normal for it to all happen very quickly! 

Take care and calm down. Xxx