Going nuts while waiting for results after LLETZ

Hello dear people. I’m going nuts while waiting for the results of whether my first LLETZ was sufficient after being diagnosed with CIN3 and the diagnose if it’s cancer. Anyone else in the same situation at any stage of the process? Can’t think about anything else, can’t concentrate on working – how is one supposed to work through this?? Guess it depends a lot on the type of occupation.

I know it’s a minority who get the cc diagnosis or need multiple LLETZ or other treatment, but someone always has the crappy unfortunate part in the game. I’m thinking through all the possible symptoms and signs I’ve had over the years (I’m 28yrs and my previous smear was almost 10 years ago), which I always thought were explained by something else, but now it’s easy to build the story in your head with everything fitting to a possible cancer development. Somehow I feel I have to be mentally prepared to every possible outcome, rather than believing it’s probably all clear now – I so do hope it is, but it also may not be. I can’t get rid of this funny feeling that it’s not over and something’s not right. Has anyone else had similar feelings?

Guess I just wanted to share my thoughts. Sending love to everyone who’s dealing with these things whether it’s you or a loved one. Funny enough what comforted me the most in days was when I read Hannah’s cc story on this website today where she quoted: “Ride the storm, life goes on.” This made me laugh and felt a bit of pressure lifting – apparently it can be the smallest things.

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CIN3 is not cancer I’m a bit confused do you mean more the waiting to find out if it was worse?

I think if the biopsy found CIN3 it is very unlikely to come back as worse! I am going in for CIN3 treatment next week but now you got me confused. They say if it were to develop it can take 10 years or more so it is really unlikely and they will be removing the CIN3 so then that’s it sorted it’s not going to develop (It’s a percentage that does develop so not all CIN3 would even develop to cancer)

I think it’s easy to over worry but it’s good they have caught it early enough to treat quickly so this is a much better situation to be in. I hope you get the results soon as far as I am aware this is about the margins and then you get a check in 6 months x

How did you feel after the treatment did you have any pain after or was everything just smooth going?


Hi Emy, to add to this: was it your experience that, following LLETZ, they contact you after several (how many??) weeks to talk about the margins as you say; then if that’s all good/they think they got it all, do they typically ask you to come back in 6 months for the “test of cure”? I too am wondering what the typical sequence is…

Oh Emy I recall from another thread you’re also waiting for LLETZ like me. :slight_smile: All the best for next week!! Xx

It’s very natural for our imaginations to run away with themselves and think the worst especially when we have DR Google so easily at our disposal and come across all these rare cases you can’t help but ask yourself ‘what if that’s me?’ We are all guilty of this! It’s perfectly normal :slight_smile: Although there has been some woman who have gone in for CIN3 treatment and had a diagnosis of CC after the treatment this is extremely rare and very unlikely… easier said than done but unless they have mentioned that they are investigating anything more than CIN3 like in their words ‘querying an invasion’ try not to panic too much it’s a lot more likely that it is just CIN3 and it’s been caught before it’s had the potential to turn x
after the treatment were you told how long you would have to wait? If it’s passed the date It may be worth calling the hospital and asking if there’s any word on your results x

Hi AnaM

The typical process is pretty much as you said, you wait until you get the results from your lletz this will let you know whether they have clear margins on what they have removed, waiting times vary depending on hospitals some wait 10 days others have had to wait longer for their results it’s just depends on the area my lletz was 24th march and I’m still waiting for my results, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow I had my treatment for CIN3 it generally is just a waiting game x if they have clear margins you will be invited for a smear within 6 months which is called a ‘test of cure’ and they check your HPV status aswell as if any cells are present
If the lletz shows no clear margins you will be invited back to the hospital for more treatment, usually another lletz or other treatment is offered to remove the remaining abnormal cells x

Thank you icedblue. :slight_smile: Hoping you get a great result Xx. My (second) LLETZ is on the 27th and I am in worse emotional shape than the first time around, I reckon. I admire you for keeping a cool head, you can motivate the rest of us overthinkers and catastrophisers. I’m just so angry for us all that we even have to go through any of this. Xx

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Hi Emy, AnaM and icedblue and thank you for your messages. You are absolutely correct, for most CIN3 is sorted with one loop and luckily there’s only a small chance it was found out to be cancer and even if that was the case it’s still very early stage so the treatment is similar.

I was told that for my sample they are still ruling out the cancer possibility, which happens by looking at signs of cell invasion. But they are definitely not suspecting anything advanced and most likely sufficient area was removed. The wait is around three weeks, LLETZ was a week ago so about a few weeks to go. Icedblue, I hope you get to hear your results soon x

AnaM, I’m sorry you’re going through this for the second time – I can believe it gets harder.

Emy, I had some mild pain for a few days after the treatment, like period pain and small pinches, but it was not much and I didn’t use painkillers or anything. I also had a coil removed during the appointment so don’t know if that contributed to that. After 1 week I’m still bleeding and having watery discharge as much as in the beginning (understood that’s normal to last even 4-6 weeks but might double check with the clinic if this goes on as heavily). Also still feeling mild stinging. For me, LLETZ was a smooth experience and not painful at all, I only felt the first anaesthetic injection, like a strong period cramp, but it only lasted for a few seconds. Wishing you both all the best for your appointments! x


Hi AnaM I had my second Lletz yesterday …. So I am just waiting for my results again. It’s the waiting that’s the worst. They did say in my case if they don’t get it all this time it will be a hysterectomy simply due to the large number of precancerous cells xx

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Hi Claire, and how are you feeling?? Hoping for you they got it ALL this time! Xx

Hi … I am not feeling too bad … a bit sore and still tired but think that’s because of the general anasethic. Hopefully will be up and about a bit more tomorrow! Thanks for asking xx


We should start a two LLETZ club. :slight_smile: I’m up next Weds. x But seriously, speedy recovery to you. Xx