Going insane - took a picture of cervix!

Soooooo i bought a speculum online and took a picture of my cervix this morning, i just had to see what was going on in there!!!

Well it bled :(

As i've said in previous post, when i did a self examination, it felt normal on one side and lumpy the other. There is definitely some sort of mass on the left side of the opening. It covers about 2/3 of that side and looks cauliflowery as in its raised and ridgy, its a pinky/purply colour. There is also a lot of fluid coming from the opening streaked with blood :(


Really wish i could show someone right now!!

Have you looked on google images?? there are cervix images there and bumps can relate to pre cancerous changes not just cancer.

Ive never been able to reach my cervix although tempted to try or get myself a speculum to have a look ive seen my cervix during a colposcopy found it fascinating watching what they were doing.

I have, that's pretty much all i've done this morning!! When i had a colposcopy in 2010, i was fascinated too, bar that vinegary smelling stuff, yuk!

I bought the speculum from Amazon for less than £5, its a medical grade one in a sterilised pack. You can only use them once though!!

ive just bought one, hadnt even thought of doing that might help ease my mind slightly whilst i wait.

I bet Ive already looked at pics online  and i have nothing to compare it too, was hoping to look at the screen in colposcopy when i get checked so might have an idea of what news to expect.

yeah the smell isnt pleasent.

I hope it does for you, it hasn't for me because now i can clearly see something there. I dont think its a polyp, from what i can tell (not being a nurse or Dr) polyp's are round red lumps that have a smaller stalk and generally protude from the cervical canal. My lumpy bit is fixed to the opening :(

ahhh hun i can see how its made you worry even more now, fingers crossed its pre cancerous cells



the waiting is torture

Have a look at cervical erosion images is it like that?

Just had a quick look, no, its not like that :(

It's a slightly raised area on one side, a darker pink/purple than the rest of the cervix and its ridgy. Almost like when you bite the inside of your mouth and you get a lumpy wound!

sorry hun, im still hopefull it is pre cancerous cells and even it is cancer its being picked up earlys o very treatable allways positives to be found!


Thank you! And i really appreciate you trying to find alternatives!!! I've just had a quiet chat with one of colleagues who's sister is a nurse and asked if she could take a look at the photo, if she thinks it needs to be seen sooner then i'm literally driving to the Dr's and showing them too lol!

let me know how you get on (((hugs)))

Well i've managed to get an appointment at 4pm this afternoon! My friend's sister said ring and tell them i think it requires an emergency appointment so thats what i did. I would literally go mad if i had to wait till next Tuesday!