Going in for surgery with monthly??

Hi all

I'm coming up with some nutty questions, due to go in for my rad hysterectomy next Tuesday, op on the Wednesday. I will most likely almost for sure have my monthly going in for the surgery, does this matter at all??? Thanks for all the replies & support on this fabulous group!!! xxxxxxxx


Hi salma.....that happened to me but it was fine. I was given a pad and some paper knicks before I went down for surgerysurgery. Saying goodbye to that was a perk from the surgery! Good luck. My op was 4 sept  keyhole and I am almost back to normal. This site is a lifeline. Karen x

Hi Karen

Thanks, things the brain comes up with! Glad ur margins were clear, hope you having a good recovery! I am to have abdominal cut with my surgery xxx

Hey Salma,

My op date was changed as my period was due the day of surgery.  My consultant said to change it.  So I'd double check if I were you just to make sure it's ok.

Tess xx

Hi Tess, thanks will check xx