going in for llletz tomorrow (ga) and terrified


am having a very frightened evening, going into hospital tomorrow for lletz having had colposcopy back in feb. I fainted and was quite nauseaus at the colposcopy so they are putting me under GA for the treatment.

Am really not coping well tonight, just so worried that bad things will be found, I'm a single parent, although my daughter is 18, so course she is worried, Im trying to hide my fesr from her. She is at college but coming back tomorrow, I don't really have any family support, just a distant brother.  A friend is taking me tomorrow and if im let out after will collect me (they said bring an overnight bag tho just in case, the op is scheduled for afternoon so they said they will keep me in if necessary, if i'm not okay afterwards or if op runs late) but I've found lots of friends really unsupportive and dismissive like its just a little thing.

just so worrying the waiting :(

Hi sandy first off wishing u all the best for tomorrow I'm sure you will be fine :)mine is next Wednesday and the reason I'm having it under ga is coz I suffer panic attacks and didn't cope well at the colosp ! I thought I would be out of my mind with worry but im not ATM . Mine is booked for morning and they said I will be under for 20

mins and should be home for about 1 ish all being well and im sure it will be same for you Hun but afternoon wise :) please let us know how things go will be thinking of you x

Hi Sandy,

I hope today goes ok for you. I had mine under GA a couple of months ago and the whole experience really wasn't as bad as I expected. I didn't have my op until 4pm and was still at home  by 7pm. Its just a precautionary measure asking you to bring an overnight bag and the likelihood is you won't be staying over. They asked us to wear our dressing gowns and slippers while we were all waiting (there was about 8 of us at the same time - its so common we don't even realise) after getting in my gown so thats another reason they ask you to take those things.

The worst part of the day was there was a lot of waiting around. I arrived at 10.30am and went into various meetings with different people until about 2pm. Then I was taken to get changed and had to wait around outside the surgical rooms for another 2 hours. A lot of my friends were the same. They just didn't seem to understand the seriousness of it. Its good that you have your friend to take you and bring you home and that your daughter is coming home as your not supposed to be on your own for the 24 hours after.

I wasn't in any pain that evening, I was a bit out of it. The next day it was just like really bad period pains, which got a bit worse the day after when I started bleeding badly.

The important thing is to rest after the procedure and for the next couple of days after. We all heal in our own time and I took almost a week before I went back to work, but I had an infection early on that caused a lot of pain.

Please try not to worry too much about what they may or may not find. The likelihood is if there was any inclination it could be more than just cell changes, they would of picked this up on your colposcopy and had you in for the treatment a lot sooner than now. Please let us know how you get on.