Going crazy

Hi everyone I  new here and just need to let out some worries. I had a smear 3 weeks ago it came back abnormal, how abnormal I have no idea anyways I went for a colsocopy on Wednesday the doctor or nurses never reassured me that it was nothing to worry about I ended up having to have a cone biopsy there s he said the cells are in my cervical canal and then he also took away the cells that was on the outside of my cervix I could see the cells and my cervix was all white and I also had a red dot/blood mark.  The doctor never told me what grade cin he thought I had and just said I would get the results of my biopsy in 4 weeks. I'm so worried as the last few months I have had really bad back ache  horrible pelvic pain pains shooting down my leg and tiredness.  I'm 25 x

You sound like me. But they wanted to get biopsy back before any treatment. Did you look at the screen when they did it? 


iI it's worrying waiting for results x

I looked at the screen while he  put the liquid on my cervix to show the abnormal cells then I turned away as it looked quite alot then I saw a red bloody mark. He took the abnormal cells away from the front of cervix so im guessing that's the treatment im so worried. Have you got your results back yet x

Sweet please don't worry. I will message you when kids have gone to bed xx

No app it will be 3/4 weeks before I get them! That feels like forever! This is all new to me too but if you want a friendly ear please message me x

Thank you hun same to you as well,  2 years ago I got diagnosed n with a rare brain disease 1 in 100,000 people have it so all that's going through my head is that o had a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting this brain condition so no doubt im going to have my biopsy come back with something bad I no its not the right way to think but I can't help it! Woke up this morning with terrible kidney pain I have had bad kidneys on and off for the last couple of month but the nurse tested for a water infection when I had my smer and it was fine. My backs killing me and im super bloated im a size 12 but my tummy sticks out  that much my tops don't look like the fit me!. I'm just super scared I have two children that saw me in and out of hospital none stop last year i just cant put them through that again. I'm all over the place x

What did your smear say xx

Just said i5 was abnormal never told me how abnormal neither did the doc x

Mine was normal which is worrying! I have had ni abnormal smears in the last 5 years x

How come there sending you for a colscopy hun xx

Because I wanted one due to bleeding after sex and my periods have gone crazy! 


Im soooooooo

worried waiting for the results