Going back to work

Hiya I’m wondering how long after treatment did people go back to work I’m hoping to be going back asap back to work aslong as I am able

Hi Leanne,

One step at a time sweetheart. People vary enormously in how well they cope with treatment. There are some very unusual women who have continued to work throughout their treatment and others who have remained off work for several months. I'm afraid you will just have to wait and see how fit and able you feel. I have to say I was pretty much wiped out.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Leanne,

I worried a lot about when to go back to work and this time last year I got into a total state about it. I thought everyone expected me to feel fine and get back to normal and that they would think badly of me if I had more time off. It wasn't helped by the fact my CNS told me I would be ready to go back to work 3-4 weeks after having my RH. Seriously! My GP was great and told me he would keep signing me off until I was ready.

In the end I went back on a phased return after about 14 weeks. I felt ready and really looked forward to it. It was tiring but the first couple of weeks were fine. Then my hours increased, as did my feelings of pressure about the job. I really felt I couldn't cope and asked for my phased return to be extended. As it was, even that became too much and I didn't even make it to the end of the phased return. I felt exhausted, in pain, incredibly anxious and realised I was a bit depressed. I had several weeks off, went on a recuperative holiday and then went back to a different, less demanding job. I occasionally do extra days but nowhere near as many as I thought I would be doing at this stage in my recovery.

As Tivoli says, everyone is different and we're all affected by this whole cc thing in different ways.  Some jobs are easier to cope with than others (I wasn't coping well with mine before I got ill!) and it also depends on what your responsibilities are outside work. It is true, as well, that some people don't have as much choice as others for financial reasons.

Only you will know what's right for you.

Best of luck with your recovery. I hope your return to work goes smoothly and that you are one of the people who bounce back really quickly. :) 


Kirsty x

Thank-you xxx

I was off work from the 18th Feb until 5th January this year, I finished my treatment in October. I felt like shit for 6 weeks after treatment but then started feeling fine. I went back on reduced hours 10-2 and I was shattered! I slept so much but then I went to 10-4 and again it really tired me out now ive gone back full time on my 3rd week and that really killed me that shifts 8-5, I get up at 6am and am out the house for 7:15. The 4th week things got better I was fine but tired on the Friday and fell asleep when I got home, I have also picked up a cold too and felt like shit, I'm feeling ok now.

youll know when your ready but listen to your body.

i am too suffering with depression and major anxiety, I was suppose to of gone out tonight but I had a major panic attack and I haven't gone, I also broke down crying. I've not been out since New Year's Eve.

dont push yourself as you will become poorly in the long run

I had 6 months off post treatment. Never expected anything like that long. But I listened to advice of others about feeling pressured  (ie Kirsty66 above) and my gp also advised me to go back.in new year. So that's what I did. Some people (family not work) have made me feel like a malingerer, but I'm glad I gave body and head a chance to recuperate. Don't think my anxiety was settled even at start of Dec but a month later, all good. I'm still in phased return, managers and colleagues very supportive. But at the end of the day, we are all different and cope with treatment etc in different ways. Some people neex the distraction of work, personally I couldn't deal with other people's problems, which is a large part of my job. Xxx