Going back to work after LLETZ?

Hi everyone, I am 27 and a first time poster, long time reader!

To give you a bit of background I went for my first smear in January (two years late, unfortunately) and was told at the smear I have cervical ectropian. The smear showed high grade dyskaryosis so I was referred for a colposcopy. Tbh I went to the colposcopy fully expecting to have the LLETZ done there and then since it was supposedly high grade, but the consultant said she couldn’t see any evidence of high grade during the colposcopy and did two punch biopsies instead. That was the end of Feb.

This week I received a letter from the hospital inviting me for a follow-up appointment but with no detail at all. I called the hospital and was told a letter with the results of the biopsy had been sent to me over a week ago but for whatever reason it still hasn’t appeared.

The receptionist at the hospital got a nurse on the phone who explained the follow up appointment is to get the LLETZ done as the biopsies have shown CIN3 which was a massive shock after the consultant seemed so confident at the colposcopy that everything looked OK.

So to get to the point, I have the LLETZ appointment on April 7th and I am supposed to be starting my new job on April 11th! I don’t want to mess my new employer around by phoning in sick my first day, but equally I don’t want to tell them about my treatment if they don’t need to know. When did you ladies go back to work? Is a long weekend enough recovery time? Thanks in advance x

Hi, I had my lletz on a Monday and I went back to work on the wednessay but it's different for everyone so it will all go on how you feel. 

Hope It all goes ok x

I honestly could have gone straight back to work for the rest of the day after my lletz - I did take the rest of the afternoon off as wasn't sure how I'd feel once the local anaesthetic wore off but as it was I was totally fine and felt like a bit of a fraud for taking the time off!! Was back at work the next day feeling fine.

It prob depends on what you do (I sit on my bum in front of a PC so not remotely strenuous) and how you generally react to anaesthetic and cervical poking. I genuinely found the lletz no worse than the punch biopsies so if you didn't find that too bad then I really shouldn't worry too much about the lletz. Hope all goes well for you xx

Thank you ladies, my job is also office based so hopefully will be fine, you've made me feel loads better! :) x