Going back to work after having lletz

Hi all

i had my 1st smear in 2014 and was told I had low grade dyskaryosis. Had a colposcopy told i needed no treatment and to attend my next smear as normal (3 years).

I had my smear on the 19/07/17 and had results back 27/07/17 with the news I had severe high grade  dyskaryosis  I had an appointment booked at colposcopy for 01/08/17. Obviously I was terrified at the speed of the colposcopy appointment thinking the worst.

i have an implant which makes me have no periods. I have experienced pain/bleeding after sex but put it down to this. 

At colposcopy I was calm but the doctor and nurses seemed to be on a downer (Made me worry about my results more after I thought about it later). I had the lletz procedure there and then and the dr said that it wasn't it too large of an area. 

So I took the day of the procedure and the day after off. I went back to work today 03/08/17 and it made me feel awful!! I work behind a bar so I am constantly on my feet. I had to leave early. Totally wiped me out and felt sick and light headed. Even had a ringing in my ears at some point. Came home and got straight in bed and slept for over an hour. I read that people feel fine to work the next day. This is making me feel like I'm soft. I'm not bleeding and have only had very little discharge. 

Has anyone else had an experience like this? how long should I expect to need off work? I was meant to be working on Saturday night and the day time Sunday in a very busy pub so iv cancelled these shifts. 


I was the same as you, absolutely wiped out and exhausted. I had an infection, and ended up taking three weeks off work. The cervix is actually a really important central part of the body, and to have part of it removed is a huge deal. It is always described to us as being safe, minor procedure, and I know this caused lots of guilt when I had to cancel work. I thought there was something wrong with me for reacting this way. But actually it's a huge deal. Take as much time as you need and can. Your body is important and needs to rest and heal! 

Ahh glad it's not just me!! thats exactly how iv been feeling. All the advice says that you should be able to return to work the next day!!

thanks for your reply 

How long did you have to wait for the result? I'm sure the worrying must make us more tired!! 


Hello Catherine

I had mine done on Wednesday 26th July I had booked 2 days off afterwards anyway  but not because I thought I would need it it was just holiday.  I have ended up have those 2 days plus the rest of this week off to.  I felt dreadful as well, I am going back to work on Monday but only just feel ready.  I felt extremely emotional and upset have slept a lot and also felt like there is something inside me still and a burning feeling this was worse when I was up and about.  As Katkin says take your time, I think this procedure is belittled by hospital staff and is actually an very upsetting and invasive procedure.  Take care and I hope you feel better soon. xxxx

Thank Jenny

im going to try and go in on Tuesday. Feeling a little less knackered (not much though!).

good luck for work tomorrow and for the dreaded results!!