Glassy cell carcinoma cervical cancer rare

Hi I have rare glassy cell cervical cancer stage 2b . I could find no one in uk to Talk to who also had this when I was first diagnosed and the outlook looked unpromising and scary. I was in a dark place and had no idea what was going to happen. Now after going through chemo / radio and brachytherapy. The tumor has shrunk but still about 1/3 of the size. So now 1 week from today I will be having hysterectomy, which is complexe after having radio, but but by the end of 8th may I shall be cancer free. I dont feel as good as I probably should do as it's going to be scary to get all results back from what they take out but after nearly 6 months , I can see a light at the tunnel. 

Hannah Marie Bingham 

(week away from being cancer free! ) 


Hi Hannah you can feel a bit lonely when your cancer is rare. Mine was too - gastric type non HPV related. That puts me in the  0.3% pile. I haven't come aross anyone with the same as me and you probably won't either. In the end however we all go through the same things, treatment wise and emotionally. I hope all goes well with you Jayne