glandular smear conflicting with colposcopy, repeat smear and biopsy ... 7 weeks on and worn out :( any thoughts? (

Hi everyone, I got a smear test back in December and the result came back as “borderline a typical glandular” with possible fungal infection written on notes. I then went for a colposcopy and the doctor while doing it could see minor changes on the surface of the cervix. 7 weeks on and I rang today … so annoying having to wait so long. The nurse told me that my repeat smear taken during the colposcopy a month after the previous one has come back clear and the biopsy taken during the colposcopy came back with very slight changes. They have now requested the original smear back from America to see if there truly was glandular changes and if there wasn’t Ill be seen in a year but if there was because there will be conflicting results between that first smear, the one taken at colposcopy and the biopsy they will do other tests such as camera and ultrasound. Im just all over the place I really don’t know what to think :frowning: has anyone had anything similar happen. my heads just in a mess n I just need to talk to someone x

Hi I can't really answer your questions but I am going through similar at the minute I had a smear showing glandular neoplasia then had the lletz to remove it, now I have recieved my results from lletz saying it was cin 3. So my results are going to be discussed at a mismatch meeting. What worries me is that the glandular neoplasia picked up in my smear has somehow been missed as surely it can't disappear. i have to wait six months for my test of cure smear so it will be six months of uncertainty now wondering where those glandular cells in smear have gone. So you are in a very similar situation to me. I have googled mismatched results and there is hardly any info available so don't think it happens much. 

hi deb thanks so much for the reply. sorry to hear youre going through similar :( did u have another smear at your colposcopy? i had another one n it came back clear so no idea whats going on at all. do u need to have an ultrasound? the nurse on the phone told me they could possibly do that .. she said its protocol with mismatched results x

Just had an ultrasound but don't think I can have another smear yet as I only had the lletz a month ago so don't think I am going to get any answers until my test of cure smear in six months time, unfortunately glandular cells are higher in the cervix so not always picked up on smears. I had glandular cells that have somehow turned out to be cin 3 cells so unsure what has happened with the glandular cells that was picked up on the smear test in the first place. 

i dont know where mine are either ... my latest smear was clear and my biopsy showed only very slight changes on the outer cervix so i dont have a clue whats going on at all. how did u get on with ur ultrasound? did they give u any info at all? hope it went well x 

I only had it on Wednesday I wasn't even informed why I needed it I was just sent a random appointment through the post to go to it, my worry is that they have missed the glandular cells picked up on my smear and that they are hiding further up my cervix undetected. I'm not sure how common false smear results are it's all just one big worry isn't it x 

it seems to be the norm if your results are mismatched just to make sure the problem is not the womb. i have read that the majority of glandular abnormalities are actually near the transformation zone so hopefully nothing is hiding up further ... everyones worry with the glandular cells :( people worry about them more because theyre less common, in saying that the lady i work for has had the same so not so uncommon since i know a few people that have had the same ... she had to have a repeat smear in 6 months n it went back to normal x 

Yeah I think they will just leave me now until my smear in six months, I hope you don't have to wait much longer to get sorted out its the waiting part that i find the hardest x