glandular smear conflicting with colposcopy repeat smear and biopsy ... 7 weeks on and just feel worn out :( :( any thoughts?

Hi everyone, I got a smear test back in December and the result came back as “borderline a typical glandular” with possible fungal infection written on notes. I then went for a colposcopy and the doctor while doing it could see minor changes on the surface of the cervix. 7 weeks on and I rang today … so annoying having to wait so long. The nurse told me that my repeat smear taken during the colposcopy a month after the previous one has come back clear and the biopsy taken during the colposcopy came back with very slight changes. They have now requested the original smear back from America to see if there truly was glandular changes and if there wasn’t Ill be seen in a year but if there was because there will be conflicting results between that first smear, the one taken at colposcopy and the biopsy they will do other tests such as camera and ultrasound. Im just all over the place I really don’t know what to think :frowning: has anyone had anything similar happen. my heads just in a mess n I just need to talk to someone x