glandular neoplasia

Hi im new to this forum. i have been experiencing symptoms for around 3 years. i kept going to docs and was told the discharge was BV and this was the reason i was bleeding. I took to investigating my symptoms myself as i didnt feel i was getting anywhere with my docs.

i have been diagnosed on monday with stage 1b2 cervical cancer. My consultant has requested i need a physical exam under GA for futher biopsies etc. i was wondering has anyone had this done after diagnosis as im worried that it could have spread. The hospital staff have been so good with me and was shocked to hear how my doctors have attributed my symptoms to a mere infection. Im not in shock as i knew deep down. i can appriciate that i am lucky and that there are much more serious diagnosis  that other patients have received.

On the letter it stated that the tumour is around 4cm but i have looked onine and it states that the cancer is 4cm so im really confused is it a tumour or cancer? I have been offered a hystorectomy to treat it. what are everybody elses experiences with cervical cancer and the diagnosis process. The main thing i find confusing is that i have glandular neoplasia which i thought was only in the glands and if so how have they found it on my MRI scan?

Hello peachy.   Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with CC -this is definitely the place to come for help & reassurance!

The exam under GA is known as EUA (examination under anaesthetic)  I had this after I was diagnosed.  It is to confirm hopefully that it is 1B2 and confined to the cervix.  The cancer & tumour - same thing..

 I've cut & pasted a the paragraphbelow,  found on Jo's website explaining the Glandular Neoplasia - hope it helps

Abnormal cervical cells: CIN and CGIN

The cervix is covered with a layer of skin-like cells on its outer surface called the ectocervix. There are also glandular cells usually lining the inside of the cervix called the endocervix. These cells produce mucus. The skin-like cells of the ectocervix can become cancerous, leading to a squamous cell cervical cancer. The glandular cells of the endocervix can also become cancerous, leading to an adenocarcinoma of the cervix. Changes to these different areas are categorised differently: Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) are cellular changes to the ectocervix and Glandular Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CGIN) represent abnormal changes to the endocervix.



thankyou bogeywoman for the reply. I thought that was what it was im worried as im experiencing pains in my bones all the time which are stabbing pains they are confined to my legs and lower back. My consultant has hopefully staged it correctly and it is just confined to the cervix as i have had symptoms for three years. ive been back and forth to docs but was told it was BV. When they initially staged you did they just say that you needed a hyterectomy or did they state you had to have chemo as well as the articles i have read state that most 1b2 CC have chemo and radiotherapy also? 

kind regards 

Hi peachy sorry to hear your news hun but you have come to the right place for advice and support. I was also diagnosed with cc stage 1b2 on the 4th June I start my treatment tomorrow which is 5weeks radiotherapy 5 days a week once a week chemo for 5 weeks and 3 brachytherapys. Because the size of my tumour which was 3.9cm and that my lymph nodes didn't look enlarged which they normally do when they are cancerous but a little thick on top they didn't want to take the chance with a radical hysterectomy Remove the nodes and if they were cancerous I would still have to go through the whole treatment procesI on top of a major op. I was quite gutted when I heard that news as I had my head set on a hysterectomy because I didn't want to have to endure the treatment, don't get me wrong i no a hysterectomy is not a walk in the park by all means but the words chemotherapy and radiotherapy scared the life put of me, but it's been a few weeks since I was told of treatment and I've accepted it and I've respected the doctor opinions because at the end of they day they no best! So am gonna give it my all and hopefully get rid of the beast! Am only 28 with a lovely little daughter who needs her mummy!! So whatever the treatment your medical team gives you peachy you can get through it hun. Best of luck and keep us updated

big hugs 



thanks for the reply. I never thought about the hyterectomy and the after effects as i have a daughter who is 8. When i spoke to the nurse they said they dont know if my ovaries will be taken. I 34 and still hoping for a few more years of the horrors of PMT hahaha. My consultant has wrote to the hospital so hopefully i should have my EUA soon and will know more. its all the waiting more than anything and i keep getting pains in my bones and back which i had before? The nurses and consultant have been great and i actually feel ok about it. 

i hope everything goes ok for you keep me updated and if you need to chat give me a shout 


bigs hugs 

peachypeach xxx


just wanted to say it was four years from a  Borderline smear result to constant returning to the Drs with symptoms of CC for me!

after six months solid of going back to different Drs I was diagnosed with CC 1B2 ( after biopsy) so I like you thought it had spread further as it had been years of symptoms and you know yourself when something is wrong! X


its just a joke isnt it, what is the point in doctors if they wont take your symptoms seriously. i feel very let down that my symptoms were never investigated further as now on reflection i can honeslty say i had every marker for CC. its just so sad that your GP will never take your concerns seriously enough to investigate into it x

Thank you peachy peach i appreciate it xx

Hello peachy.  To answer your question on the hysterectomy - it was the Colposcopy doctor who told me I had cervical cancer, as it had been the results of the biopsies she had taken during that procedure.  She said I would most likely need a hysterectomy but before that decision was taken, I would have to have an EUA and an MRI scan to confirm staging which she thought was 1B1/1B2.  

It will depend on the outcome of your EUA & possibly MRI if they do one for you, what treatment plan you will have.  Each case is assessed  and though you've read that most 1b2 ladies have chemo & radio, your treatment may differ - be prepared for that.

I may sound thick here - but what does BV stand for?


Yes, it is a joke that they don't take our symptoms seriously! I wish you all the best take care xx

lol you dont sound thick its bacterial vaginosis BV for short. the only reason im concerned now is the amount of bugs and infections in hospitals plus there are things that can go wrong in an op at least with chemo it seems like the lesser of two evils if you catch my drift. i really dont know what to think at the minute its just the thought of a GA that is freaking me a bit.