Glandular neoplacia endo

Hi there. 

I had my smear test 2 weeks ago and the doctor rang me a week ago to tell me there was a problem  and I have been refered.

Since this Ive received my appointment  for next Tuesday.  It says my result was abnormal. I rang the doctors yesterday to ask exactly what was abnormal  and she told me it was something very rare she said glandular neoplacia ends cervical canal???? 

I have tried to look it up online.  I'm absolutely  terrified  I literally spend my who evening yesterday crying.  All I can think of is my children anyone had anything good like this please?  


Hi there. I had a phone call from my GP at the start of April to tell me that my smear from 24th March said I had Endocervical Glandular Neoplasia. It was the day before Good Friday and I got myself into sucj a state. My mum died in July last year and my first thoughts were for my 4 and 1 year old children. The following Tuesday I rang the colposcopy clinic at my local hospital who took me in the next morning for a colposcopy and a loop biopsy. The consultant explained that it is changes to the cells higher up in what they call the transition zone - and these cells are glandular and mucous producing which are different to the cells on the cervix where changes normally occur. My results came back quick but we were on holiday and I got back on the 30th April and rang the hospital. I have been referred to the women's hospital [name of hospital removed] for a cone biopsy which is not until the 8th June. Hopefully this will diagose exactly what I havre and also treat it.

It's a horrible waiting game and the not knowing is hard. I've done nothing but cry too! There isn't much on the web about this area although from what I understand CGIN is the term used to describe the cells in this are which may help with your search.

The good news is you are being seen quickly so good luck xxx


Hi the same thing happened to me I had my smear on the 28th of April and was sent my letter saying I had suspected glandular neoplasia I was in for a colposcopy and lletz on the 18th May and still waiting for my result, I too googled and was petrified but the consultant was lovely at my appointment, I find the waiting the hardest part xx

I have no experience of this so have no words of wisdom expect to say DO NOT GOOGLE!! I know it's natural to want to but it really is your worst enemy right now.

Good luck ladies

Rachel x

Hi guys, I don't often come on here much these days but just wanted to say that I was diagnosed oct 13 with adenocarcinoma which is the glandular type of cc. The waiting is the hardest part so your bound to be scared and worried. As rachel says do not google, I did when I got my diagnosis and gave myself a death sentence the statistics and stuff are not updated regularly, however nearly two years on I'm doing great, loving life. 

Sending you hugs 

Lea xxx