Glandular changes - concerned.

I'm 42 years old, I have never had an abnormal smear result before. My GP has just called to say I have glandular changes (which I understand to be CGIN) and I'm being referred for an urgent colposcopy plus a full gynae review. 

I'm trying to keep my head together (by stuffing a massive slice of Battenberg cake into it) and gather that glandular changes are to the lining of the cervix and while they're less common they aren't necessarily more of a cause for concern (read panic) than CIN changes.

I have no other symptoms of anything, normal periods, no irregular bleeding, no pain during or after sex etc. I had had a lot of the latter two days before the test tho:)

What I haven't been told from the brief and not terribly helpful phonecall are any other possible causes of glandular changes, should I be concerned, what is the likely treatment? Can I go for these further tests and the results turn out to be negative or does the smear result in itself mean I will require treatment?

Apologies if I'm repeating queries already answered on this forum but I'm scared:(







Hi ☺ first of all deep breaths. Have you been told whether or not your result is borderline or favor neoplasia etc? There are different levels of glandular changes some of which are caused by hormones, infection, cells just going through normal changes and then they can also change due to pre cancer the same way the surface of the cervix is affected by cin ... Glandular changes are deeper within and can be coming from further up such as the womb so that is the reason for biopsy of the womb in some cases. Is it just the colposcopy u have been scheduled for? I had the colposcopy for mine ... My result was borderline glandular ... I had a repeat smear done which came back normal and my biopsy was cin 1. When they recalled my smear that had supposedly shown glandular changes it was in fact a normal smear there was no glandular abnormality. I was waiting 3 months to find out my result which needless to say had me very stressed. Anyway point is even with that result it may be nothing at all. With borderline glandular it's 2 in 100 that is actually cancer and the majority of those cases are hpv related. With glandular changes favoring neoplasia there would be more cases of pre cancer but also quite a lot of cases where u are fine. It's a scary result because it's less common but these cells like the ones on the surface also go through changes .. They are more likely to do further tests if they don't see any abnormality while doing the colposcopy because they can be coming from further up and can't be seen as clearly as the ones on the surface of the cervix .. Tests can include endocervical biopsy and in some cases biopsy of the womb but please try not to stress too much .. Although easier said than done I know but all that may be needed in your case is colposcopy or colposcopy and lletz .. Same kind of treatment as cin. Also glandular changes is not the same as cgin ... Cgin is precancer of the glandular cells whereas glandular changes on a smear don't necessarily mean pre cancer .. It could be just an infection or hormonal changes. Any questions feel free to ask ☺


Its my first time on here so bare with me .I also have had a Pap smear saying abnormal glandular cells.A week later I had a colposcopy and a leep procedure and biospy taken.Nothink was said at the time of appointment just  that will receive results in two to three weeks and gave me a after care sheet.As anybody during a colposcopy been told if there could be a possibility of something being wrong or something suspicious which was seen?A week later I had a letter which was also sent to my doctor just explaining what procedure had been performed, it went on to say glandular neoplasia , suspicion? Invasion .It has been 17 days since the colposcopy and feeling more worried as the days go by .How long did people wait for their results. Was this by letter or by appointment?.I don't really understand about glandular cells and that they are found higher up I've tried to research it but haven't came across much information about it .Sorry for waffling on but feeling the waiting is the worse part . X