Glandular cells

hi everyone this is my first post, I had a lletz treatment for atypical glandular abnormality has anyone had this? I'm scared

I'm a CGIN girl. It is scary but still very treatable. If you search CGIN on the forum you will find lots of posts.  Have you had your results?

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I had a glandular abnormality as well. I know it's scary as it's not as common but they just arise from a different cell and behave in a slightly different manner. They are no worse although they can be treated about mire radically as and it's a low percentage can skip areas so they are present again further up. I'm sure the lletz treatment will have been sufficient and don't panic I'd they send it to an mdt which us different doctors and nurses that discuss your treatment the results and how to proceed; this is standard stuff :)).


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Charlene xx

Yes! And as Jane says there are quite a few posts if you google CGIN. I put a couple of very long posts about my treatment and the outcome. In my case, the smear and punch biopsy indicated CGIN...this was removed by lletz and then went to an MDT meeting, which is standard procedure (at least in the area I live). The MDT meeting outcome was that they were confident all was removed with clear margins and they arranged for a follow up colposcopy six months later and HPV test. The test and the smear were clear and I have to go back in a year.

I asked the consultant a couple of times about CGIN and he said it's less common and they know a lot less about its "natural" history, how it develops etc, because it is less common, but he said it's no different in terms of treatment etc and recovery. I possibly had a slightly deeper lletz than those who have CIN3, (about 1.6 cm) but it seems to have healed well and my doctor said there shouldn't be any issues in the future!

Hi a update, so turned out it was cc stage 1b1 and a radical hysterectomy was performed, since then my histology said it was in a lymph node!