Glandular cells abnormal

I've been having issues for over a year with constant bleeding, after sex and between periods, with being on the pill we put it down to hormones, the Dr changed my pill and this made things a lot worse so went back to the original pill, still no luck I went back 2/3 times had swobs to try and eliminate, so I had my StI check which all came back normal, so I opted for the copper coil hoping it was hormones, after insertion the pain was excruciating and contantantlay bleeding, I went back to see it the coil had moved it hadn't, 3 weeks later the pain was there and ended up for an emergency scan which eas normal and told my body didn't agree to the coil, so I decided to have it removed and thankfully I just gotten a letter for my first smear test. So I took the opportunity to have my smear test the same time of having my coil removed. i had my smear and got the results back within 5 days telling me i needed an urgent hospital referal I didn't have any results back  from the Drs so I was pretty nervous, after a call back from the duty Dr who was really unhelpful and making me guess I waited till Monday to speak to my normal Dr who explained that my abnormal cells are worse than cin 3 and my glandular cells are serverly abnormal, suspected cervical cancer although she said smears don't look for cancer how can they tell me this ? Any body else had this? the glandular abnormal cells ect? I'm only 24 so being niaeve and hoping it's all ok 

After removal of coil she said my cervix looked unhealthy, makes my nervous as I have two gorgeous little boys x

I just got results with "Atypical Glandular Cells"  (that's what they call it in the US).  I have done TONS of google searching and since it's 1:00a.m. in the morning and I cannot call the hospital, have just had to satisfy myself that I have no idea what the heck it means.  I know this: it is extremely rare result (less than half of one percent of women have atypical glandular cells as the result).  It is also cauesd by--apparently--a lot of possible different things.  Even if it is worst case scenario, you will be best served by relaxing and not letting this get the better of you.  Be good to yourself.  Write out questions for your doctor and try to bring someone your close to with you to help ensure the doctor is fully answering all your questions.  It can also be helpful to have a friend to clarify with you what the doctor said after the appointment too.  Finally--please let me know what the upshot of your ordeal is--as, like you, I am in this strange minority of a minority of people who get this result and I'm terrified and learning at least one other living soul's experience with this would be a comfort!