Glandular abnormalities..lletz and pipelle 2morro

hey ladies, I am new to the sight and frightened as hell. On my babies 1st birthday, 48hours after having my smear, I received a nasty letter. ( days later I went for a colposcopy the doc explained I had a glandular result, which is less common and I needed a lletz and pipelle biopsy to check my womb too. I cant describe the emotion, i have 3 young children and a pertified. In the morning i'm having a general anesthtic and the lletz and pipelle biopsies done, i will get my rsults in 7-10 days. Any positive advice or experiences. Please?

Hi Vicki,

just reading this today when your are probablly recovering.  I also had lletz and a hysteroscopy under GA on 24/9. If you have any further questions then ask away....I wont drone on.  Just to say that you are thought about and let us know how it went and how you are etc.  Whatever the outcome, there are so many of us here who are going through similar and if we can help, then we can.  Its an awful place to be but try and remain positive.

Hope to hear you are on the road to recovery soon Vicki


thankyou for your lovely reply, my op was routine, unf I had a massive bleed and ended up in a&e 2 days later and had some horrors done to me to stop the bleed and a night and day in hospital. Ive had my super speedy results and they didnt get all of the cgin cells so its either another lletz d&c or a hysterecomy x