Giving something back!

Hi ladies

im very aware I've done nothing but ask questions and speak about how terrified I am of Staging etc so tonight wanted to give a little back. If any ladies are like me dreading the next step of finding out then I would highly recommend yoga.

im much more a gym than yoga girl but my mate dragged me out and I found it really helped clear my mind and help my head. They also did some breathing exercises that help you sleep and the stretches etc made me feel human again.

i know ultimately we just want answers if we have just been told but thought I would recommend the yoga as it helped me tonight and I am as worried and Anxious as they come.



That's great news Kimmy!

I've said in another post that I was thinking of taking up yoga, but didn't know whether to wait until after treatment.  Think I'll find myself a class now!

Thinking of you x

Well done Kimmy fab advice <3 it's definitely helped me to help others :) keep asking questions though better to share your worries on here and get answers from ladies who have been there xxx

hi,agree with yoga,also good to help relax /breathing exercises before operations,my heart rate went down from 110 to 90(on machine wired up to) whan started breathing exercises(have done yoga a while)good eh,might see if i can meditate out the room next time,ha,ha(next time,??)mandy