Getting to know everyone-newbie!!

Hi ladies

I have just come across this website as I recently had a smear test come back abnormal. I had a colposopy on valentines day Undecided and I am waiting my results from the biopsy. I was told I would need treatment of some sort as there were abnormal cells at the top of my cervix.

I'm so clueless to everything and pretty anxious waiting for my results, as I'm sure all of you thought/think the same as me that I will be dying of cancer and be another Jade Goody....

So I just thought I'd say hello

My name is Amelia, I'm 25, I have one beautiful little girl who is 18 months and I work as a receptionist part time until she's at nursery.

Would love to get to know everyone and hear all your stories :)

Hi Amelia2811! Welcome to Jos! I feel your pain, I just had my check up on valentines, not the most romantic way to spend it, with a consultant and his gang staring at my cervix!

The best thing I can tell you is try not too worry, I always think that the waiting is the worst part! I am now waiting for the results of my check up but have been told that this can take 6 weeks!! I had an abnormal smear in April, I didn't get the results till June and a week later had colposcopy but the areas were too large to treat so I was called back to have the LLETZ under GA, they didn't take biopsies so I was just waiting...again! The 6 weeks later got my results CIN3 removed clear margins, HG CGIN unclear margins, HPV+. Then last week a check up smear and colposcopy! And there we have it nearly a year pretty much waiting for results!!

Keep us posted on how it goes, or if you have any questions I am sure someone will be able to help!


xxxx :)


Hey Amelia,

Am the same am very new to the site too...

I got diagnosed with CC on 23rd February 2012 10 hrs after the birth of my second child. I went through treatment and now in remission...woo hoo

Fingers crossed you get good news with your results.

Take care and keep us posted.


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sorry you are in this position but this site is such a great resource. If you want to read up some further to get a bit more clued up, the information pages on this site, and also the NHS/Macmillan pages on abnormal cells are pretty great.

Chances are it is just abnormal cells and nothing else but I know how worrying it all can be. However, you are in the right place and they will soon have you sorted. I have been thro LLETZ etc so if you have any questions AT ALL let us know


Hi Amelia, 

Welcome to Jo's Trust. I'm glad you've found us and am sure you can find any information and support that you want and need here. Don't be afraid to ask questions - lots of us have 'been there, done that', and there's lots of great information on the site as well. 

As Hula Hoop said, it sounds like you've got some abnormal cells and the chances are these will be able to be dealt with relatively easily. It's a scary time for you though, I do understand that. What's great is that you've attended your smear test and are looking after yourself - that puts you in a really good position. Keep in mind that the vast majority of women with abnormal cells get them treated in a procedure that takes about half an hour, and there's no reason to think it would come back after that. 

Keep us posted!

Annabel. x

Hi Amelia

Yes, everyone thinks the worst when the hear the word "abnormality", but abnormal cervical cells are quite common and only a small proportion would develop into cancer even if no treatment was given.  However, since nobody knows who would be lucky and who wouldn't, docs prefer to treat.

Jade Goody's cancer was well advanced when she was diagnosed; she had been having really bad symptoms for some time.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

All the best for your treatment.


Big Hugs