Getting rid of HPV one year after diagnosis

Just thought I would post my experience here in case anyone finds this helpful.
Last year I had my first smear test at age 25.
Three smear tests came back with inconclusive results. I was understandably worried about this as I assumed the worst, I went in for a colposcopy and they said it looked like I had HPV. They took a couple of punch biopsies.

Results came back positive for HPV, with no abnormal cell changes.

I was very upset and frightened, I spoke to some volunteers on here and they helped to calm me down but I also decided to go on a mega effort to try and help my body fight the virus.

Here is what I did.

  1. Stopped smoking straight away - smoking increases the likelihood of cervical cancer,smoke%20(1%E2%80%939).
  2. Took three courses of AHCC (shitake mushroom extract) - there has been research into the potential benefits of this, I read amazed all these amazon reviews and had to try it for myself, I highly recommend this - worth the expense (these can be bought on amazon).
  3. Very healthy diet - I cut down my sugar intake, avoided trans fats and processed food (mostly - I’m not a saint!), and ate a lot of the following which are good for women’s health in general.
  • FRUIT - cranberries, apples, grapefruit, peaches, citrus, melon

  • VEG - dark leafy greens (kale mostly) carrots, broccoli, avocado, sweet potato, cooked tomatoes

  • OTHER - Oily fish, shrimp, lamb, probiotics, soy, wholegrains

I did this for one year and recently had the smear test again - NEGATIVE RESULTS - no HPV!
I’m very relieved and thought I would share this here in case anyone wants to try these techniques to see if they help.

I feel like the AHCC is going to be more and more popular for treating HPV in the future as it seems to work for a lot of people.

Good luck to all :heart:


Which brand of AHCC you’ve been taking?

Thank you

Hi, I took Quality of Life Gold for two rounds (2 capsules a day)
and Planetary Herbals for one round (because quality of life was out of stock)

Hope this helps!

1 round is 1 bottle? So basically, did you take 3 bottles for 1 year? Yeah, unfortunately quality of life kinoko is always sold out. i’ve been taking other brands, but few days ago, i heard other brands that is not from amino group might be counterfeit products :sob:
So i’m worried if it’s not helping.
Where did you get planetary from?
Do they ship internationally?

Thank you!!

Yes that’s right took 3 bottles over a year - probably would have done more but it’s so expensive.
I bought the Planetary one from USA Amazon and had it shipped over… doesn’t look like they have it at the moment.
I see Vitamins Uk currently have the platinum AHCC in stock

Quite expensive though :frowning:

Indeed, it is expensive :roll_eyes::sweat: which one is from UK? Is it time health? I’m thinking to try from Time Health

Omg, i just checked it out. It’s so expensive & must be not include the delivery cost.
I’ve ordered one from amazon, but don’t know why haven’t received it until now

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: and congratulations on riding your HPV! That is very exciting and I’m so happy for you!

I discovered the research linked to AHCC and riding the body of HPV a little in the game for myself, I already had CIN2 changes and had LEEP performed yesterday to remove them. However, research has shown that women who take it after having abnormal cells removed are still benefiting from taking ACHH to ensure the body continues to fight it off so the odds are more slim of it returning. I’ve been considering ordering some and taking it myself, plus it’s just good for your immune system overall anyways, even HPV aside!

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I’m very glad that you have managed to get a HPV negative result. It sounds like you have worked very hard towards it.

A year last January, I received an HPV positive result, but with no abnormal cells. I was also worried like you were, & was scared I wouldn’t clear the infection, mainly because I have type 1 Diabetes, which can make it harder to rid of infection.

I must admit though, I wasn’t anywhere near as sensible as you, & carried on with my mediocre diet (I eat fruit & veg regularly, but not nearly enough). I’ve never smoked.

However, I did start taking multivitamins from a company called Feel. I noticed shortly after taking them that a daily dose contains 18mg of Reishi mushroom. I’d heard that there’s something in certain types of mushroom that can help clear infection, so I was quite impressed to see them listed in the multivitamins I was taking.

Anyway, a year on, it was time for my cervical screening, & I was worried for the result. I was expecting to get another positive HPV result, but to my delight, I was clear. I don’t know if it was down to the mushroom stuff, but I’d changed nothing else about my lifestyle.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it really has helped me greatly. I will look on amazon for some more mushroom power!

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That’s great news!! Nice one Jen, glad to have helped :blush:

Good luck Jackie! Thanks for sharing :heart:

I struggled to find AHCC in Ireland. And the cost to purchase from USA was crazy, never mind that Kinoko was always out of stock.
I eventually contacted Amino Up (the only company that makes authentic AHCC) and they directed me to a supplier in Netherlands and I used their brand for about 9 months. It was still expensive but at least easier to get into Ireland from EU.

I had AIS in December with 2 lletz done and 6month test of cure in July, now waiting for my results.

This website shows all the authentic brands, you will see Kinoko Gold and the brand Reg’Activ AHCC500+ which I used is listed.

Please be careful when purchasing through Amazon and ensure you only buy an authentic product.

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Hello my name is Sara I have high risk hpv but not 16 or 18 my doctor wants me to come back in six months I had the same colposcopy results as you hpv but no abnormal cells. Do you know what strain you have and it’s it’s high risk or low ?

Hi Sara, mine was high risk.

Do you kno the actual number

Sorry they didn’t tell me the actual number