Getting pregnant after Trachelectomy, periods, mood swings

Hi All - not been on here for quite some time!

4 years now post being diagnosed and nearly 4 years post trach op. 

June 2019 me and my husband spoke to my consultant about trying for another baby (we already have one boy who is 4). I waited so long probably because I had Cancer whilst I pregnant, I knew I had it but wasn't listened to and then finally got diagnosed on my maternity leave so my emotions were all over the place especially with a new baby so Ive only just recently been ready to try again. 

So I was due my depo June 2019 and didnt have it (only been on depo since boy was born so about 3.5 years), absolutely fine when on it no periods, no mood swings ... really great if im honest but obviouslt deciding this was the right time to try for a baby so came off it. Period came back August 2019, have kept track of it each month - length etc ranged from 26 days to 34 days, average 30 days for 5 days which is probably about right. Prior to babies and depo I was one of those people who was bang on 28 days same day, morning every month so has changed a bit but guess our bodies change. 

So now August 2020 and still no pregnancy. 

Mood swings are pretty bad, irritability, feeling really tense and upset, some crying on the days up to my period but the mood swings can be 1-2 weeks prior to my period every month :( 

Anyone else experienced this? Not sure that its related to my trach op but more getting my periods back and coming off the depo but then along with all this and the operation is this normal for pregnancy to take a while? I was calculating on a flo app which was good for checking cycles etc but I'm wondering if i am ovulating or if i was putting too much pressure on myself so I kind of stopped tracking and have just thought if it happens it happens. But then the mood swings are bad and I read the best thing to stop them is contraception which obviously I dont want to use currently. Anyone else use anything else?




Hi Chloe,

I know your post was a few weeks ago now, and I don't know if I have anything helpful to contribute, but I just wanted to say I can empathise with you here!

I'm almost 7 years post trach and trying to conceive. We've been trying for over a year and have lots of tests done, which have luckily all come back normal, but this then makes me think that the issue must be to do with the trach. Unfortunately that's not considered a reason to be referred for IVF (which is ridiculous if you ask me!). We've been told to just keep trying until we become eligible for IVF (after 3 years in my area). 

I didn't track my cycles prior to going on the pill so I don't know how regular they were. Since coming off it about 18 months ago, they've been between 23-30 days, but usually around 26 days. I have a low mood the week before and really painful boobs for about 10 days before, which I think is all standard, but everyone is different. 

Frankie x