Getting Pregnant After Positive Margins

Has anyone here been advised not to get pregnant when LEEP results came back with positive margins?

I had a LEEP recently, and the results say the HSIL is "approaching" the ectocervical margin. The endocervical margin is "free." The doctor told me to come back in six months for a pap.

I am planning to see a fertility specialist next month (for IUI) and am wondering if I will be turned away until I have a clear pap smear. I don't want to wait another six months, and I don't want another LEEP before I get pregnant.

Anyone have any thoughts or have a similar experience?

Thank you!!



Might be a good idea to call your fertility specialist, I suspect they’ll want you to have your 6 monthly smear before starting any fertility treatment and also will want a minimum period of time between your leep and fertility treatment. I’m not an expert though,so call and ask them.

Good luck xxxx