Getting pregnant after Lletz

Hi ladies. I had a Lletz procedure in January following a CIN3 result where they removed a piece of cervix the size of a £2 coin. I am hoping to start trying for a baby (my first) in the next 6 months and I've read some stuff online that says you are at risk of giving birth early and will be prone to infections. Have any of you ladies experienced any problems with pregnancy following a Lletz?


April 2016 - Smear. Results showed abnormal cells.

July 2016 - Colposcopy. Results showed CIN1.

December 2016 - Colposcopy. Results showed CIN3.

January 2017 - Lletz procedure. Successful removed.

July 2017 - Smear. Awaiting results.


Hi Becka

I had a cone biopsy in April and my consultant told that I would almost definitely need to have a cervical stitch (cerclage) when I'm pregnant to 'keep everything in' as  there is definitely a risk of premature birth.  I was told to call the Colposcopy Dept when I found out I was pregnant and they'd schedule me in for an early scan to check it's a 'viable pregnancy', assuming it is I would then need a further scan to check the how much cervix I have left and to assess whether a stitch is needed and when.

Hope that helps!



I had a Lletz to remove cin2 and 3 and they took quite a large amount. I'm now just over 11 weeks pregnant after having a follow up colposcopy and 2 biopsies which were clear. 

My gyny/ob suggested after the surgery that I may need to get a stitch when pregnant. Upon having my hospital midwifery appt inam going to have my cervix measured to see if I will have to get a stitch.

there is also a risk of delivering early but not dangerously early. I've not heard of a risk of infection? That's new, the zone is completely healed? 

Hey Becka13

In June 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 1B1 cervical cancer and I underwent 2 cone biopsies and a lymphadenectomy. Thankfully all surgeries were successful and I was told I was cancer free in the October. My surgeon gave me permission to try for a baby in the January and with the fertility gods on my side I fell pregnant in February. I was constantly told to be prepared for a miscarriage or pre term labour and my cervix was measured routinely throughout the pregnancy. Luckily I still had over 3cm of cervix remaining and therefore a stitch was not required. After all the worry of an early labour, I gave birth (vaginally) to a beautiful and healthy little boy at 41 weeks! I know I have been incredibly lucky and I feel blessed to have my son but I just wanted to let you know that full term pregnancies can happen after a cancer diagnosis. Good luck! X