Getting LLETZ - SO scared

Hello ladies

So I got my colposcopy on Friday and I got a voicemail today from the office saying I need to schedule my LLETZ. The doctor said she wanted to talk to me in person as soon as possible and when I had called back, she had already left for the day. I'm so terrified, not even of the procedure but just because of this whole nightmare. My boyfriend keeps telling me not to be scared which is starting to annoy me because I feel like it's completely impossible not to be scared. 

Does the LLETZ just mean abnormalities or is it possible I already have cancer? I'm seriously freaking out, it all just seems so unfair! My boyfriend is really my main support system, I don't have a mom and I'm not super close with the rest of my family. I just hate unloading all of this on him when he has no way of understanding what i'm going through :(


Hey, I am going through the exact same thing. I turned 25 only 2 weeks ago, had my colposcopy a month ago and (after a lengthy wait whilst they had a meeting) have been told I have CGIN (ungradable?!) and need LLETZ. I am really scared too and I think that is a normal feeling but it seems it is such a successful procedure most of the time. I am here if you need someone who understands what you're going through x

I've been through the lletz procedure; it's designed to get rid of any cells that are showing signs of change which could later develop into something more sinister. I had CIN 3 and they did a quick ten minute procedure to get rid of the bad cells. I was well enough to walk home afterwards and whilst I did worry about the outcome (let's face it, who wouldn't?!) I got a letter about four weeks later saying theyd successfully removed the cells that had changed and they were not cancerous. I just have to go back after six months to check everything is ok. 

I was a crying wreck in the few days before the lletz but it's honestly not anywhere near as bad as you think. When the nurse said she was all done, I even asked "really?!" It was a little uncomfortabl, but so worth it to eliminate the risk of anything worse in the future! Hope my experience helps a little, best of luck! xx