Getting fed up now! Bleeding?

Hi Guys,


I had my Colposcopy treatment on the 6th of May, absolutely fine, coped well, no side affects afterwards, no bleeding no nothing, come the 10th I had started to get a very smelly discharge which straight away it knew was infection, had a phone consultation with my doctor and she prescribed me with antibiotics on the 12th, just a day after starting my antibiotics I started to get the 'watery discharge' as u would of deemed 'normal' and expected. A couple of days after I started to bleed bright red blood, I had been told to take back to back pills as I was due on only a few days after my treatment & I missed one of my pills (I am rubbish at remembering them) so I half thought I may have just started my period as I know in the past taking back to back pills hasn't been that successful for me. Anyway, I've been bleeding for over a week now, period usually lasts only 5days max and it's not getting any lighter. It's not heavy as though soaking pad after pad but I'm just not 100% sure if its normal or not? I've read post after post and scoured the internet (much to most doctors disgust I can't imagine) and it seems to be varied opinion. I know the simple solution is to just ring my GP on Colposcopy Clinic but just wanted any first hand experience opinions? 

I'm supposed to be going on holiday next Friday so as you can imagine not overly happy about the whole situation!

Completely fed up and just want to go back to normal now :(




My consultant warned me that my first period after treatment may be heavier and or longer so it sounds rather normal but it might be best to call your GP anyway, just to put your mind at ease


I am having excatly the same problem ! except i feel pressure on my left side but i was completly fine till i starting bleeding a week later

am not sure what to do but if anything its drivng me crazy  


take care x

My friend went for her 6 month smear after her treatment today so I got her to ask the nurse for me and she said it's completely normal & the fact I had had an infection may have delayed the healing process hense the bleeding starting later. She also said if it was still the same on my fourth week & was still concerned to ring them as they may want to take a look! Regarding my holiday she did say rest was probably a good idea as that will help the healing process as I do work in a physical job I probably don't do myself any favours!