Getting Biopsy results tomorrow

Hello all. A little back story, for around 12-18 months now I have been having bleeding following sex if had become worse abs heavier every time during sex but would stop once intercourse had ended. In September 2020 I had my smear which came back with HPV but no abnormal cells. But it mentioned symptoms and to contact your doctor if you have any, one of which being abnormal bleeding. I contacted my gp who advised I have a STD check which I did this came back clear, the problems persisted and in feb 2021 I was sent for more std checks the nurse who did this advised she could see an ectropion but the cervix looked healthy.

I was then referred to Gynaecology in March 2021 who advised it was an ectropion and I would be referred to hospital to have it removed .

Then in April 2021 I was rushed to hospital with stomach pains they initially believed it was my Crohn’s disease there was lots of going back and forth and I was in hospital for two weeks and developed sepsis. I saw many different specialists and had two CT scans, blood tests, a pelvic example internally. I saw a gynaecologist who advised he was 99% sure it was not cancer as I am up to date with all smears and cervix looks healthy

My final diagnosis was severe Pelvic inflammatory disease with abscesses on my ovaries and swelling in the Bowel and bladder. They discharged me with two weeks of antibiotics as my inflammatory markers were coming down and advised I would be seen in 8 weeks.

A week after discharge I received a letter to be seen in hospital for a hysteroscopy. When I arrived they said this was separate from my PID and a referal from Gynaecology. They removed the ectropion and I bled heavily and a consultant was required to come down and stop the bleeding.

They said they were sending it for biopsy and they would write to me in 2 weeks with results it has now been 4 weeks and I have received a call to go into hospital tomorrow to discuss the test results. I am totally besides myself with worry and I am sure it means I must have cancer as they said they would write to me.

I don’t even want to attend the appointment as I don’t want to hear the news. I am terrified this means I am going to die. I feel utterly sick to my stomach.

Hi Leah Louise

Are you allowed to go with someone?
All I can think is that you have several health conditions so it might be that they want to discuss any treatments in the light of those ?
The gynaecologist has examined you and I think he would have seen anything too concerning?
If you’d like to and it is helpful to you, post here for support. Even better, the helpline is so helpful.
Good luck xxx

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Thank you Rebecca, thinking about it when I was in hospital the gynaecologists I saw all said the cervix looked healthy and they were not concerned by it at all. I am just so worried I didn’t expect to hear anything again regarding the biopsy to be honest I expected them to remove the ectropion abs that be that I didn’t think they would test it so this has really taken me by surprise.

I thought my biggest worry was the PID and abscesses but now I am thinking could the abscesses actually be tumours ?

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I think they tend to test everything.
I would also imagine abscesses and tumours would look different but obviously not a doctor. I think they need to be careful with them as well as they need treating or are dangerous?
Also that condition was improving - I think they have to tell you straight away if they are at all concerned it might be cancer, and they didn’t.
I think I had an ectropian too where cin was. I mentioned it to the nurse. She said might have been my age but I read they are common in cin. It’s history now lol. Gone with the lletz.
All of this stuff is so anxiety provoking and lends itself to overthinking.
I really hope that tomorrow goes well. I’ll be watching out to see if you’ve posted and feel free to pm if you’d like

Hugs x

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