Genital Warts - please help

Hello, I hope it’s okay to post about Genital Warts on this forum. I am sending love to anyone diagnosed with cancer and do hope that me sharing my issue here doesn’t come across as me being ungrateful or superficial, I’m just really struggling right now and need to hear from others. I am 25, F from the UK, have recently been diagnosed with GW from Lloyds pharmacy online, due to the waiting list for my local GUM clinic being 3 months. I happen to have my first smear test scheduled in for next month with my GP & am terrified. Will I have to tell them before turning up that I now have GW, or can I wait until my appointment? When I tell you that the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult, my anxiety has been through the roof, waking up in panic attacks because I now have genital warts & feel that my life is over, no more intimacy and I feel incredibly disappointed in myself and just disgusted. I’m not very promiscuous so I’m really struggling with the stigma around genital warts and cannot believe the guy didn’t warn me of any STIs. Are there any laws around spreading STIs? He wore a condom (after some protesting I might add), I did an at home test for chlamydia/gonorrhoea which was negative. Reading online has been incredibly confusing around genital warts, some saying you will have genital warts or the HPV strain for life and that you must tell any future sexual partners that you could give them warts. This makes me want to give up completely & I am so ashamed. Who in their right mind would knowingly date someone with an STI? My love life is over. Many other sources including the clinician who was on the phone from the GUM clinic say it’ll probably clear within two years. It’s unclear to me if this means no more STI, or that everyone with warts will just have these warts forever. I have read some success stories, even with cancerous strains of HPV being cleared from the body, so is there any reason why the strains for genital warts can’t be cleared by the body? I have started Aldara (3 times a week). I don’t know if it’s working but it’s early days, & I do think that when I put it on, I have flu symptoms in the morning until I wash it off. The warts started fleshy on my vulva and vagina opening. They do not look like the horrifying photos online. I have now developed pain inside my vagina entrance, very sore - might be thrush or just developing more warts. I am worried that they’re spreading, but they’re difficult to detect as they just look like the skin of my vagina. I know I should be patient but I would like to hear other experiences please, I am so alone and cannot talk to anyone about this. I am healthy and not a big drinker but have decided to really step up my vitamin intake, have bought multi vitamins, AHCC, green tea bags, tea tree oil, and have been going on brisk/long walks. Will start running and swimming again and would generally do anything to be clear of this disgusting STI symptom and hopefully get rid of HPV forever so I don’t have to disclose to any potential future partner. I hate myself so much for this. Praying to the Gods that I can clear these warts and HPV from my body. I don’t see how I can ever be intimate again if not. Please share your experiences.