General for treatment? getting very anxious

Has anyone had a general for treatment on the day or on another day for treatment ? even if only supposed to be local. i really am starting to get very scared i suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and its beginning to get on top of me despite trying hard to stay strong in front of everyone. i really feel sick at the thought of them taking away some of my cervix and im convinced this will be the case as have high grade abnormalties in just 2 and half years since last smear. :( scared

Hiya it's perfectly normal to feel like you do, I'm getting treatment under GA I'm awaiting 

the results of my biopsies, I had my colposcopy last week and the consultant couldn't do the treatment so they await the results  then decide what treatment will be best, it's mostly done if they

 Need to take a little more away then they would under a local, or for women who are extremely anxious 




hi again Hun you couldn't be worse than me honestly lol like I told u I was a wreck ! And they said it would be best if I had a ga for treatment although she said she could have done it there under local but as I suffer huge panic attacks to the point they left me housebound for ten years ! I was a complete mess but honestly it wasn't that bad it's just my stupid head that made me scared after I was like kicking myself and thinking what a dafty I was all that worry for ten mins of being uncomfortable ! I'm not looking forward to going under ga but I know it has to be done :( also my mind is playing stupid tricks on me worrying about after affects and seen some women after the Lletz saying about bleeding well I'm thinking the worst as usual ! Wish my head would learn to calm down lol x

Hey Ladies,

I had my treatment under GA and it really wasn't bad at all. It was a long day, a lot of waiting around but once they took me through I was out like a light in seconds. They laid me on the bed and said they were just going to feed some pain killers into my blood stream and then would insert the anaesthetic and count down.

Then they put an oxygen on me and I was out. They didn't even get to the couting down bit haha. The next thing I remember was being wheeled down the corridor asking for my partner and the nurse just laughed and said let me get you to the ward first! I wasn't in any pain at all for a few hours after and it was only uncomfortable on the first day.

My op was more invasive than they'd planned so I was in a bit of pain for a few days later and I developed an infection too which didnt help, but everyone is different.

I much preferred having my op under GA than local :)

Hope it goes well for you all xx

thank you ladies after reading your comments and talking to my husband im going to ask on the day of the colposcopy that any treatment i may need be done under general as i just couldnt cope and would end up having a panic attack and freaking out i dont think its so much the pain aspect that bothers me its what they are doing to me that worries me the thought of them taking some of my cervix away however they decide too. i just hope they let me :( 

They should let you hun. At my colposcopy I was asked which I would prefer. I chose local but when I went for my treatment they told me they needed to do it under general as the area was larger. I was so relieved as I don't think I could have gone through it under local.

Hope you get on ok xx

I couldn't have it done under LA either luckily my consultant couldn't do any treatment so 

I'll be getting under GA, like you it's not the pain aspect of ot it's the thought of them being around that area and what they are doing much rather be asleep and none the wiser 



So nice that we have eachother to talk to :)

i know ga is better for us ppl who panic but I'm worried about not waking up

or something going wrong during the op :(

i dont want to think like this just can't help it :(