general anaesthetic

Hi im due to have colposcopy under ga on tues to have cells removed im so scared about the ga bit has anyone else been scared and can someone reassure me plz xx

Hi Lesley,

There is nothing to worry about with a general anaesthetic. There will be a needle, probably in the back of your hand, it will feel chilly for a moment and then you will be out like a light completely unaware of anything until you come round when it's all over. Some people are a little tearful when they come round from a general anaesthetic, possibly because they are a little disorientated, but it's nothing serious. If they have been removing cells you may feel a little discomfort down there but really I don't have any experience of that myself.

Go well


Hi Lesley,

The idea of GA can be scary. The good thing is you'll have no recollection of the procedure afterwards. You'll have a meeting with the doctor doing the procedure and the anaesthitist (sp). I'd suggest telling them you're anxious. They can help if they know. I was anxious and was given something to help me relax befoe having it and something to prevent nausea. 

The worst thing is the waiting, so take a book or something to keep yourself occupied, or someone to wait with you if allowed. I walked to the room adjacent to the theatre. They put things on my chest to monitor my heart, and I had a canula put in the back of my hand (a needle) but it was just a prick. Then they came me an injection into the canula, put an oxygen mask over my face, and within seconds I was out like a light.

LLETZ doesn't usually take very long so you shouldn't be out too long. You can feel groggy when you come round, I found this feeling lasted for a few days, but everyone is different. Before you go home it's likely they'll want you to eat and drink something (it can be just biscuits) and to check you can pass urine. You'll be a bit sore from the prcedure and given info on what to expect, how to look after yourself afterwards. 

All the best for Tuesday. Try not to worry too much (easiser said than done I know), it really isn't too bad.

Take care x

Thank u both im feeling bit better will let u kno how i got on and its nice to know ur not alone x